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What Is OREA Form 515?

Form 515, or Commercial Sub-Lease Form, is used to confirm the lease agreement between a tenant, who is currently leasing a property, a new tenant searching for a place, and the estate owner.

What Do I Need OREA Form 515 For?

You might need OREA Form 515 in the following cases:

  • according to this Sub-Lease Agreement, commercial tenants may lease the described part or all of the leased property to a sub-tenant;
  • to describe the obligations of the sub-tenant and provide sub-lease details such as duration, payment terms, and permitted use of the property;
  • it is an effective way for a commercial tenant to share certain lease obligations without terminating the contract with the head landlord.

How to Fill Out OREA Form 515?

OREA Form 515 Screenshot

PDFLiner allows you to choose the fillable OREA Form 515 from an online catalog and edit it with a wide range of convenient tools. You can download a PDF file on your computer or print it to complete a paper version. Here are several steps you need to follow to fill out a 515 Form printable blank:

The form consists of 6 pages. At the top of the first page, enter the full names of the sub-tenant and sub-landlord with the date the document was signed.

  1. From pages 1 to 5, you need to fill out a list of statements confirming the sub-tenant right to sub-lease the premises.
  2. Describe the obligations to be observed after the agreement comes into force. You will need confirmation from the head landlord of the premises.
  3. On the last page, indicate the rental dates and additional information, if necessary.
  4. Complete the form by adding the signatures of both parties.
  5. Make sure all the information in the OREA Lease Application is correct.

OREA Form 515 Screenshot 2

Then you can save it and send the form online to the required recipient.

Organizations That Work with Form 515

  • Real estate brokers;
  • Real estate agencies.

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Fillable online OREA Form 515, Agreement to Sub-Lease - Commercial
(4.7 / 5) 92 votes
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