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What is Basic Rental Agreement?

The basic rental agreement fillable form is something that any rental agency has in the office. It is a standard form they can provide you once you decide to rent the property. The form can be asked by the landlord who wants to find a renter for the property as well.

The basic rental agreement can be considered as the contract between the tenant who wants to receive the property in exchange for the monthly payments and the landlord who wants to rent the property to the tenant in exchange for receiving the payment. The classic contract contains the information on the first month's payment that must be paid while signing the document.

Once all the problems and questions on the rent are clarified, the tenant receives the keys. Landlord accepts the rules and the money paid by the tenant. Every real estate agent has a basic rental agreement form. Some forms can differ, while others are universal.

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What I need the basic rental agreement for?

  • The basic rental agreement lease is asked by the tenant who wants to secure the deal on the property. Once the money is paid, the tenant has to make sure that the property is rented. This document clearly proves to the other candidates that the property is rented;
  • The landlord needs a basic rental agreement template to make sure that there is a fixed amount of payment included in it and the renter can’t live in the property for free. The document provides guarantees to the landlord and indicates the strict deadline for the relations between tenant and landlord. If both parties want to prolong these relations they have to sign a new contract.

How to Fill Out Basic Rental Agreement?

You can find a free printable basic rental agreement on PDFLiner. The form is universal and suits any case of lease. You may still add your own details using the electronic tools available to you inside the form. However, if you are new to the business, it is better to use this classic basic rental agreement PDF. Both sides have to read the form before they sign it. If there are some details that they want to avoid or extend, you have to change the form based on these wishes.

Usually, the form has a description of each move and every signed section. Once you sign the document you have to send it to the other party. You can do it online. You may also print the form and send it by regular mail or hand it in person. Here is what you need to include inside the printable basic rental agreement:

  1. Include the name of the tenant in the tenant’s column;
  2. Write down the address of the property that is the object of the rental agreement;
  3. Provide information on the term of the rent. Name the date of the deadline and the date when a tenant can move in;
  4. Describe the monthly payment and the fee that the tenant has already paid as the first payment;
  5. Describe the utilities and appliances that the tenant can use and is responsible for in the property;
  6. Calculate the security deposit if you need it;
  7. Provide the information on the insurance;
  8. Sign the document, let the owner and tenant sign the document;
  9. Provide the address of the tenant and owner.

Fill Basic Rental Agreement on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with basic rental agreement

  • Any real estate agency that works with rental property.
Fillable online Basic Rental Agreement
(5 / 5) 61 votes
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