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What is Sublease Agreement?

A sublease agreement is an official document widely used between tenants and subtenants who want to share the rent over the property. Both parties can sign the agreement for half of the rent of the entire property or just part of it. Meanwhile, one of the tenants still has to own the agreement with the landlord for the property that is rented.

Landlord also has to be familiar with the change in the situation and that the tenant wants to share the tenancy with another party, welcoming the subtenant. Without an agreement between the landlord and tenant, a sublease can’t be signed. Moreover, the sublease agreement form can’t act longer than the lease agreement. You have to make sure that the dates on the original form are correct.

If you want to share the rent with another tenant, you need to fill out the document. Make sure that the landlord is familiar with it as well. Decide upon the payment in advance.

Sublease Agreement on PDFLiner

What I need the sublease agreement for?

  • As a tenant, you may want to fill out a sublease agreement template to share the payment with the other party who wants to rent half of the estate you rent. You have to make sure that the landlord is aware of it and does not want to change the original conditions of tenancy. Subtenant may help to pay the rent in order to receive the part of the property;
  • Subtenant, who wants to share the rent with the tenant, needs a sublease agreement template PDF to receive half of the property or the part originally agreed with the tenant or landlord for a fixed amount of money. This way, you will not overpay the rent, but you may need to share the space with another person.

How to Fill Out Sublease Agreement?

You will easily find printable sublease agreement on the Internet. Some forms are made for specific real estate agencies and may not match your basic demands. Other forms may not even be recognized as legal in your state. You need to make sure that the agreement is legal and matches your basic demands. Consult with the real estate agent or with your attorney if you want.

PDFLiner offers standard and probably universal forms. You can fill it out online without downloading anything on your device. Yet, after you complete it using the tools you see in front of you, it is better to save the original version on your computer to use later whenever you need. The copy can be sent online via email to the other party or printed and handed personally. Here is what must be included there:

  1. Provide the name of the tenant and subtenant in the form;
  2. Include the address of the property;
  3. Describe the sublease you want to create, including the term, payment, deposit, termination period, amount of people who live there, household chores if it is important, level of noise, alcohol, smoking, animals, parking, disclosures;
  4. Sign the document and ask the other party to sign it. Put the current date.

Filling Sublease Agreement on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with sublease agreement

  • Brokers and real estate agents;
  • Sublessor and sublessee.


  • How to write a sublease agreement?

    There is nothing complicated about writing the agreement. However, it is recommended not to do it from scratch if you are not familiar with the local laws, not a professional broker or real estate agent, and not an attorney. In this case, you need to find the form that was already created by professionals and just fill in the empty lines. Consult with professionals who help you on your way and make sure that there are no gaps in the document and that the other party can’t trick you into something dangerous. You have to check the contract and understand your responsibilities and opportunities. If you disagree with the proposition, don’t sign it.

Fillable online Sublease Agreement
(5 / 5) 63 votes
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