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Introducing the Sublease Agreement Florida

The initial lessee (sublessor) often needs to vacate their leased premises but may have ongoing obligations under a lease agreement with the property owner. This is when you need a sublease agreement in Florida. This agreement permits the sublessor to sublet the rented property (partially or entirely) to another individual, the sublessee.

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Use of the Florida commercial sublease agreement

While this sublease is commonly used in residential leases, the Florida commercial sublease agreement involves renting a commercial property. Like retail stores, office buildings, or warehouses, are leased from the initial lessee to a third party. It is crucial to remember that the original lease's terms with the property owner must allow subletting.

How to Fill Out the Sublease Agreement Florida Template

If you are worried about how to fill out this form about renting in Florida then there is no need to worry. Here is a simple guide:

  1. Start by entering the name of the 'Sublandlord' in the field provided. This refers to the person who is originally renting the property but is now subleasing to someone else.
  2. Now, fill in the field with the name of the 'Subtenant'. This is the person to whom the property is being subleased.
  3. Write down the address of the property in the given field. Include the building number, street, city, state, and zip code.
  4. Specify the 'Sublease Term' next. This involves stating the date when the sublease will start (beginning on) and when it will end (ending on).
  5. Indicate the amount of rent in dollars in the 'Rent' field. 
  6. Proceed to mention the amount of money that will be taken as a 'Security Deposit'. The deposit is necessary to cover any damages that may occur during the sublease term.
  7. In the 'Termination Notice' section, specify the number of days of notice required from either party for terminating the agreement before the specified end date.
  8. Under the 'Subtenant's Interest in the Premises' section, mention the number of total tenants that will live in the premises, specify if the subtenant will share the bedroom or not, and if yes, then write the name of the person the room will be shared with.
  9. Indicate in the 'Overnight Guests' section whether the subtenant needs to get permission to have guests stay overnight.
  10. Fill in the 'Utility and Telephone Charges' section. Specify what percentage of all utility charges and monthly telephone charges the subtenant agrees to pay.
  11. Describe the 'Household Chores' that the subtenant will be responsible for managing.
  12. Next, mention in the 'Noise Level' section what acceptable noise levels are. 
  13. Check off the appropriate box in the 'Smoking' section to indicate whether smoking is allowed or not on the premises.
  14. Similar to the smoking section, the 'Alcohol' section, specify whether alcohol is permitted or not.
  15. Finally, fill in the 'Parking Space' section specifying if the subtenant will have a parking space or not, and indicate any terms related to it.
  16. Refer back to the 'Master Lease' that is attached or referenced to properly reflect the conditions and stipulations of the original lease in this sublease agreement. 
  17. Ensure all the given details are correct and well-detailed before finalizing the Florida sublease agreement form.

Role of a Florida sublease agreement

The sublease agreement plays a significant role in settling disputes concerning the use of property, the amount charged for rent, maintenance roles, and responsibilities between the landlord, original tenant, and subtenant. By understanding and signing the sublease agreement, the subtenant agrees to abide by the rules and conditions stipulated within. So, you must always ensure to make the details clear and firm.

Fillable online Florida Sublease Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 48 votes
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