California Sublease Agreement


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What Is Sublease Agreement California?

A California Sublease Agreement is a 2-page document that allows a tenant to rent the entire residential property or some part of it to another person known as a “subtenant.” Since a landlord in California has the right to prohibit a tenant from subletting a house or an apartment if it is stated in a lease agreement, a specialized form is required to get the landlord’s approval for subleasing a property.

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What do I need the California sublease agreement form for?

  • If you rent a house or an apartment, you need a sublease agreement to assure the landlord allows you to rent it to another individual;
  • To explain the terms and conditions of the rental agreement to the subtenant. It includes their portion of the rent, utilities, and security deposit, as well as describes their liability, rights, and obligations;
  • To divide the rent between you and the sublessor to get financial relief.

How to Fill Out the Sublease Agreement California Template?

Follow our brief guidelines to get an accurately filled-out Sublease Agreement California PDF:

  1. Press the Fill this form button and be redirected to a page where you can fill out a ready-made template.
  2. Click on the blue fillable sections to provide the necessary information such as the sublandlord’s and subtenant’s names, the premises address, etc.
  3. The first line requires you to specify the rental term, while the second − the amount of rent.
  4. Provide the sum of the security deposit in line 3.
  5. Specify the subtenant’s interest in the premises in line 5.
  6. Provide the required data in lines 5−13, including the right of the subtenant to invite overnight guests, smoke, and consume alcohol in the apartment, the household chores they will have to do, and the hours during which an appropriate noise level for studying should be maintained.
  7. At the bottom of page 2, provide the sublandlord’s and subtenant’s signatures (you can use an e-signature feature for this), names, and put the current date. Save the changes, download the document on your computer, or share it with another party right away.

California Sublease Agreement Template Screenshot

Organizations that work with sublease agreement template California

  • Two private parties (a tenant and a subtenant of residential property)
Fillable online California Sublease Agreement
(4.8 / 5) 52 votes
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