19 Florida Real Estate Forms

  • Florida Realtors Commercial Contract Florida Realtors Commercial Contract What Is a Florida Realtors Commercial Contract?  It’s a document that formalizes the terms and conditions of a commercial property transaction between a purchaser and a seller. Are you currently seeking this particular template to fill out? You
  • Flat Fee MLS Listing Sign-Up Form Flat Fee MLS Listing Sign-Up Form Insight into MLS Flat Fee Listing: The Sign-Up Form Unveiled In today's digital age, more real estate entrepreneurs and home sellers turn to the MLS Flat Fee Listing, an innovative web-based solution to selling properties. As opposed to traditional pa
  • Counter Offer Template Counter Offer Template What Is a Counter Offer? According to the counter offer definition, this is a response made by a seller or buyer of a property in response to an initial offer made by the other party. It is a rejection of the original request with modified terms or condit
  • Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement What Is a Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement The Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement is a vital legislation designed to protect the consumer in credit transactions. This document, often referred to simply as TILA, ensures transparency in lending prac
  • Homeowners Association Disclosure Summary Homeowners Association Disclosure Summary What Is Homeowners Association Disclosure Statement?  It’s a document that notifies home buyers during the process of purchase that they will be obliged to become members of their community’s homeowners’ association (HOA) in Florida
  • FHA - VA Loan Addendum to Real Estate Purchase Contract FHA - VA Loan Addendum to Real Estate Purchase Contract What Is a VA Loan Addendum to Real Estate Purchase Contract? When dealing with real estate transactions, one encounters numerous forms and contracts, each serving a different purpose. Among those is the FHA - VA Loan Addendum to Real Estate Purchase Contr
  • Florida Vacant Land Contract Florida Vacant Land Contract What Is the Far Vacant Land Contract? A Far Bar Vacant Land Contract is a type of real estate contract in which the buyer agrees to purchase a piece of land that is not yet developed. The buyer usually pays a deposit upfront and then makes periodic paymen
  • FARBAR AS IS Contract for Purchase and Sale FARBAR AS IS Contract for Purchase and Sale What is FARBAR AS IS Contract for Purchase and Sale? The AS IS Contract for Purchase and Sale is a document used by real estate buyers and sellers in the state of Florida. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the sale, including the price, d
  • Notice from Landlord to Tenant - Termination for Failure to Pay Notice from Landlord to Tenant - Termination for Failure to Pay What Is Florida Lease Termination Notice?  Also referred to as Notice from Landlord to Tenant for Failure to Pay Rent, it’s a document the landlord sends to its tenant when wishing to end their lease agreement. The template of this Florida Leas
  • Monthly Reconciliation Statement Real Estate Trust Account Monthly Reconciliation Statement Real Estate Trust Account Understanding the Monthly Reconciliation Statement Real Estate Trust Account Numerous transactions in the real estate business require careful recording and tracking. One key aspect is managing the real estate trust account. A critical tool for this is th
  • SEF RIN Matrix SEF RIN Matrix SEF RIN Matrix ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • SEF RNT Matrix SEF RNT Matrix SEF RNT Matrix ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
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Florida Real Estate Forms

Real Estate Forms Florida were made to help people involved in property transactions. Created to highlight the interests of sellers and buyers during purchase or rent, these templates usually contain terms causing negotiations between both parties and help to regulate the case of a transaction. Normally, Florida Real Estate Forms are made before the terms are officially established. Using the document, you can reach an agreement. Both parties can add their wishes to the document. Florida forms do not significantly differ from those you can see in other states, but they follow local regulations and are built by real estate professionals.

Common Florida Real Estate Forms

State Florida Real Estate Forms have different types based on their purposes. You can pick the template you need the most based on your case, whether you want to sell/buy/rent the property or give it as a gift. Without help, you risk getting lost in lots of papers. That is why you should understand the basics. Here are the most popular Florida Real Estate Forms online:

  • Purchase agreements are standard forms that are widely used during the purchase procedure. They regulate the relations between the seller who is also the property owner and the buyer. These contracts usually include the description of a property, agreed payment, fixtures that must be done, and provided inspections. You can agree upon the deadline for the deposit;
  • Rental and lease agreements are incredibly popular nowadays. They are signed between the landlord and renter. Almost all editable Florida as is Real Estate Forms are designed by real estate agencies, so you can get them there. They contain information on the property, its condition, the rent amount, and what is covered by it. Both parties also have to agree upon the deadline and whether the payment will be taken each month;
  • Disclosure forms are signed after the agreement is reached. The seller needs to provide disclosure once the two parties agree upon the details of the property purchase. It is usually made a few days after the agreement. Disclosure has to explain all the possible issues for the purchaser and protect the seller from the potential buyer’s claims. The seller specifies the issues, and the agreement is made once the buyer signs the document;
  • Closing documents are made at the finish of the process. They record the costs and fees that were made during the sale of the property. Usually, Florida realtors do not have such statements, offering clients to get an attorney who can handle the closing stage. Clients can also create such Florida Real Estate Contracts Forms by themselves but still need the attorney’s signature.

How to Get Florida Real Estate Forms

All Florida Real Estate Sales Forms are available on PDFLiner or in the real estate agency you have addressed. While the official realtor’s website can offer you to take a look at the form or even download it, PDFLiner allows you to fill out the template while you are online. All you need is to enter the document, check out the requirements, and fill it out with the required information. You can also edit the sections if you want. Once it is done, don’t forget to save the document on your device. There is an option that allows you to easily send the filled PDF to the other party via email. It does not take much time.


  • Do I need a lawyer to fill out real estate forms in Florida?

    Only several types of real estate forms require the lawyer’s assistance. It includes closing documents and giving the property as a gift. In other cases, you don’t need to address a lawyer. You can create the template by yourself if you know how to do it or use the already-made blanks from real estate agencies. You will need the signatures of the seller and buyer. Sometimes, the signature of a real estate agent is also required.

  • What happens if there is a mistake on a real estate form?

    It is better to avoid making mistakes while filling out the form. Check out the document before you send it to the other party. Documents with mistakes may be declined by the seller/buyer. PDFLiner offers documents that are already checked for mistakes. However, you still need to pay attention to the provided information. Be careful about spelling the names and addresses of both parties.

  • Can I use a generic real estate form instead of a Florida-specific form?

    It is possible if you need a simple rental agreement, for example. You can use generic forms for cases protected by national law. However, if you want to buy/sell a house, you have to use a specific template created according to Florida laws.

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