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What is an OPG100 form?

The fillable OPG100 form is the official way to find out if a person has a registered deputy or attorney. This is not a business form, and you have to apply it to officials. Download the OPG100 form from the website and find out whether a particular person you are interested in has LPA, EPA, or a deputy appointed by the court.

What I need the OPG100 form for?

  • The blank of this form allows you to find out whether the person has the enduring power of attorney, lasting power of attorney, or the deputy appointed by the court;
  • It is used for the extra information about the case that can be separated to the registers;
  • This is not a tax-related form, and you don’t need to attach it to any financial reports;
  • You don’t need to have any license to ask for this information. Anyone can send the request, asking for clarification about the case.

How to fill out the OPG100 form?

The pdf version of the OPG100 form is already available on this page. It is completely free of charge, and you can simply download and read it before filing. The form can be filed online and sent to the Office of the Public Guardian by email. You can also print the OPG100 form and send it by the regular post. There are 4 pages in the document, but you have to fill in only 2 of them. The other 2 pages are detailed explanations that you may find useful. The information you have to provide:

  • Section 1 is for your personal details, including name, relations to the client or donor, address, email, and phone number;
  • Section 2 contains the details of your client or donor, including title, name, address, and date of birth;
  • Put the tick near the required register search in Section 3;
  • Section 4 is for the additional information request.

Organizations that work with OPG100 form

  • Office of the Public Guardian;
  • Attorneys and deputies around the UK.
Fillable online Form OPG100
(4.8 / 5) 57 votes
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