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Get your DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence in 3 easy steps

  • 01 Fill and edit template Fill DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence
  • 02 Sign it online Sign DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence

What Is DLM1 Form?

The DLM1 form is an assessment of your health and fitness to drive. The form asks about things like your eyesight, hearing, epilepsy, diabetes, and sleep apnea. You’ll also need to declare any physical or mental health conditions that could affect your driving.

Also known as Medical examination report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) license, it’s a health condition evaluation document you need to apply for or renew your lorry or bus entitlement. The pre-made and 100% editable HGV medical form template is available in our extensive file template library. You’re welcome to find it, launch it, and fill it out digitally (read as fast and easy).

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What is DLM1 form used for?

A Group 2 medical report, also called a DLM1 form, is a document that a doctor or other medical professional fills out to give the Department of Licensing and Regulations (DLR) information about a person's medical condition. The form is used to determine if a person is medically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle.
The file is used for:

  • evaluating a driver’s medical condition when they are over 45;
  • determining if the driver is healthy enough to operate a commercial vehicle.

The form is filled out by a healthcare professional in order to evaluate the driver’s overall health condition based on such specific criteria as eyesight, hearing, diabetes, sleep apnea, and the like.

Where to get DLM1 form

You can find the form on the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) website. As an alternative, now that you are here, you’re welcome to find the template of this file via PDFLiner. Along with the HGV medical renewal form, in our extensive library of templates, you’ll find a breadth of other pre-designed files and complete them online without even leaving our platform.

How to Fill Out the DLM1 Form

The form consists of 4 pages and starts with important information for doctors that’s a must-assess prior to filling out the form. When you’re through exploring it, get the completion started. Here are the steps to take to complete the form online via our service:

  1. Sign in to PDFLiner.
  2. Find the form in our template library.
  3. Load the document.
  4. Begin completing it.
  5. Indicate your full name and contact information.
  6. Specify your driver number, date of birth, phone number, date when you were licensed to drive a lorry and/or a bus.
  7. Spell out vision assessment results. 
  8. Outline nervous system analysis results.
  9. Indicate analysis results based on the diabetes mellitus criterion.
  10. Provide the post-examination details based on such parameters as:
  • psychiatric illnesses;
  • cardiac arrhythmia;
  • other heart diseases;
  • blood pressure.

When working on the form, make precision and clarity your priority. Double-check everything prior to forwarding the form to the DVLA and correct any errors if there are any. Of course, the best way to work with the document is online. Make the most of the editing features PDFLiner has to offer and fill out any pre-designed document from our lengthy library in a matter of minutes.

How to submit the DLM1 form 

When the form is ready, the applicants should forward it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), together with their license application. Upon review, they will decide whether the applicant is healthy enough to drive a heavy goods vehicle or not. Submitting any document online comes with multiple perks. The major one is saving heaps of your treasured time and allowing you to focus specifically on what you do best.

Who should sign the file

The form must be signed by the applicant and the doctor responsible for the medical assessment. If you give our e-signature tool a try, you’ll save heaps of your time signing your docs. Secure and legally valid, the signatures our service allows you to add to your files can be incorporated on the go.

Organizations that work with the document

  • DVLA.
Fillable online DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence
(4.9 / 5) 62 votes
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