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What is the UK DVLA D1 form?

DVLA D1 form must be applied by every citizen of the UK or resident of this country who spends 185+ days there in case they want to obtain a driver’s license after passing the test. This form grants the right to pass the driver’s test. It also provides applicants with the right to learn how to drive various vehicles: cars, tractors, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.

What I need the DVLA D1 for?

You need DVLA D1 form to be able to:

  • Receive driving license of categories A, B, F, K, P;
  • To pass the test on driving a car;
  • To learn how to drive various vehicles up to your choice;
  • To obtain the license after you meet the age limit, that starts from 16 for F, K, P categories of driving license, and 17 for A and B categories.

There is no due date for this form. Check the official website to see the schedule of the DVLA D1 application and test for the driver’s license.

Filling out DVLA D1

To fill out DVLA D1 form, you have to be a UK citizen or permanent resident. To complete the form, you need to use your UK passport number. Besides that, you need to point out:

  • Your registration, passport number, other personal data;
  • You have to attach the photo to this form;
  • If you don’t have a UK passport, you're still required to send the documents that prove your real identity: the letter from the Department of Work and Pensions, NI card or NI number.

It is better to fill the form online. Use the website of UK officials. You can apply the documents only when the time comes. Make sure you fill out all the lines before you send this form.

Organizations that work with DVLA D1

  • Department of Work and Pensions;
  • UK officials.

FAQ: Let’s Go Through DVLA D1 Form Popular Questions

What is a DVLA D1?

DVLA D1 form must be filed by the citizen of the UK or any permanent resident who wants to pass the driver’s test and receive the license for driving. Before you start the test, you have to file the form for the learner license to be allowed to receive the license in the future. You have to stay at least 185 days in the UK annually to be able to fill the form. 

DVLA D1 application form: how many pages are there?

The DVLA D1 form is only 2 pages long, however, you need to be extremely cautious and complete all the boxes right. There are multiple lines you have to complete before you are able to send it. We recommend you to read carefully all the requirements:

  • The first box is dedicated to your personal information, including name and surname, marital status, title, driver number if you have one, birth date, and address;
  • If you live in another country, you have to fill in the 1a box;
  • The 2nd box is about your eyesight;
  • The 3rd box is for marking the type of license you want to obtain;
  • The 4th box is for the details on the previous license if you have any;
  • The 5th box is about your health specifics;
  • The 6th box asks for confirmation of your identity;
  • Boxes 7 and 8 are for the photo and signature.

Where to mail a DVLA D1?

You don’t have to send the DVLA D1 form by regular mail. You can do it online. You have to fill out all the boxes in the form and apply it online. The form must be filed to the Department for Transport executive agency. You may also put the digital signature in the DVLA D1 printable form using the Sign Tool offered by the officials.

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