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What is Form 886 H DEP?

Download 886-H-DEP form as a supporting document for the dependent. You get this document free of charge  and  have to provide it to the IRS if you are a parent of the child stated in your return or a relative of the supported child. You have required a statement from the child support agency, government, school.

What I need IRS form 886 H DEP for?

  • The fillable 886-H-DEP form must be filed by parents or relatives of the child that is claimed on the return papers;
  • The form is required by the IRS to check your financial situation and the refund you are required;
  • The form is used for the audit process;
  • If you share custody with another parent with whom you are divorced and pay over half of the child’s support during the tax year.

How to Fill Out the 886-H-DEP Form?

The blank on the form 886 IRS can be downloaded on this page. You can save it as a PDF on your computer, print it, or file online. It is only one page long and does not take much time. This is not a business form:

  • File the name, Identification Number, tax year;
  • Decide whether you are divorced but support the child financially, a legal guardian, or a relative who supports the child financially. File only the specific field, attaching the documents mentioned in the box you’ve chosen. This form requires several additional documents from you;
  • Put your signature and date, ask your spouse for the signature.

Where to Send Form 886-H-DEP?

Form 886-H-DEP is filed with the Internal Revenue Service by the parent or guardian of a qualifying child. You can send it to the address listed on the form:

Internal Revenue Service

P.O. Box 931000

Louisville, KY 40293-1000

Organizations that work with IRS Form 886-H-DEP PDF

  • IRS;
  • Child support agency;
  • Government agencies.

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Fillable online Form 886-H-DEP
(4.5 / 5) 71 votes
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