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What is a DD 288 Form?

DD Form 288 (Application for Department of Defence (DoD) Stored Value Card (SVC) Programs) is an official U.S. Army form that lets you apply for a certain SVC program, such as Eaglecash, Navy, and Marine Cash, or another temporary program. Additional forms are not required. 

What I need the DD Form 288 for?

  • You need the fillable DD Form 288 blank if you are eligible to apply for one of the Stored Value Card programs that are active during the application year.
  • The form can be used for updating the older DD 288 application form with newer data.

How to fill out DD Form 288?

The form includes a single page and requires you to:

  1. Name the program you are applying for;
  2. Report your personal information, including full name, SSN (Social Security Number), military branch name, secret keyword, military duty address, full address, and contact information;
  3. Report bank or credit union information, including bank/credit union name, address, ABA routing number, your account number, and account type;
  4. Study Section III attentively to sign the statement of understanding and accept all the terms and conditions of the SVC card issuer;
  5. In Section IV, authorize the U.S. Treasury Financial Agent to conduct DoD SVC electronic transactions. 
  6. Sign and date the form;
  7. Leave Section V boxes 23 and 24 empty.

Only the latest version of the form can be accepted. You can download DD Form 288 latest PDF edition for free on PDFLiner as well as fill it out online and print on the completion. 

Organizations that work with DD Form 288:

  • Disbursing or Finance DoD-authorized office.
  • Any other person authorized for the SVC program.
Fillable online DD Form 288
(4.9 / 5) 34 votes
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