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What is form DD 2982?

DD 2982 refers to a form developed by the US Department of Defense. The answer to what is a DD 2982 form is outlined by its title, Recruiter/Trainer Prohibited Activities Acknowledgement. It is used for indicating that the recruiter/trainer understands the limitations applicable to their business.

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What do I need DD form 2982 fillable for?

  • Acknowledging that you have read and understood the prohibitions that apply to your job responsibilities as a recruiter
  • Providing the above acknowledgment as a trainer prior to entry-level training
  • The form applies within structures that are part of the US Department of Defense, including but not limited to the Office of the Secretary of Defence, the Military Departments, the Combatant Commands, etc.
  • The form is subject to yearly recertification.

Filling out form DD 2982

The first and most essential answer to how to fill out DD 2982 is that you should obtain a PDF blank or another legitimate version of the form. You can download DD 2982 for free to sign and print it as needed upon entering the necessary information. A possible approach is to work on a fillable DD 2982 copy online.

Specify the following information:

  • Your identification details as a recruiter/trainee in Fields 1 to 5 (sign in Field 6)
  • Your initials to acknowledge that you understand the prohibitions marked a through m in Section 7
  • Any exceptions in Section 8

Organizations that work with form DD 2982

  • All DoD organizations.
Fillable online DD Form 2982
(4.9 / 5) 108 votes
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