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What is the DD Form 1746?

The fillable DD Form 1746 is an application for assignment to housing that is filled out and sent to the United States Department of Defense.

What I need the DD Form 1746 for?

To apply yourself for being provided with military and/or community housing.

How to fill out the DD Form 1746?

The printable DD Form 1746 consists of two pages. All the fields to fill out are on the first page, while the second page is devoted to the detailed instructions. The first page contains 6 main sections for the applicant to fill out.

The first section implies providing the Department of Defense with your information. It is necessary to enter your name, social security number, contact information, marital status and many more.
The second section requires the applicant to enter the details on their military career. Section 3 is devoted to the dependent data: there the applicant has to list all the dependents residing with them and describe the relationships with them.

Section four is called “Housing Data”. In order to properly fill it out, it is necessary to select the desired details of the housing and check the corresponding boxes. There is also an additional field for remarks on the housing data and a field for signature of the applicant.
The last section is pre-filled and only requires the applicant to sign the document and indicate the date.

Organizations that work with the DD Form 1746

The United States Department of Defense

Fillable online DD Form 1746
(4.8 / 5) 93 votes
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