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What Is a Contract of Employment?

The template of an Employment Contract is widely used by employers who want to hire new employees for different types of jobs. This document specifies the working relations between the two parties and contains details on future employment. The template for a Contract of Employment is usually kept by the company that hires the employee.

What Do I Need the Contract of Employment For?

  • The Contract of Employment template defines the amount of work that is expected to be done and the period of time during which the employee needs to provide the services that the employer pays for. It can be a temporary or permanent offer;

  • The document is used by the employee to secure the interests and make sure that there is no extra unpaid job;

  • The template Contract of Employment is used by the employer to specify all the tasks that must be performed by the employee.

How to Fill Out a Contract of Employment?

You will find the Contract of Employment template PDF on PDFLiner. It is simple to fill out and does not require extra knowledge or skills. It contains the information for both employer and employee. You can use it to fixate the demands and payments. This document secures both parties. It is 5 pages long. Both parties must have it once it is filled. You need to include the following information:

  • Address or the company and names of the employer and employee;

  • Duration of the work that has to be done;

  • Duties of the employee and the payment;

  • The workplace that the employer offers and the service hours;

  • Possible leaves and details of the daily work;

  • Signatures and the date.

Organizations That Work With Contract of Employment

  • Any US organization.

Fillable online Contract of Employment Template
(5 / 5) 34 votes
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