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What Is a Firearm Bill of Sale Virginia?

A bill of sale for firearm Virginia is a crucial document used to record the transfer of a gun from one person to another in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This legal document details the transaction with information such as the type, caliber, make, model, serial number of the firearm, price, along with the buyer and seller's personal details.

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Importance of Virginia firearm bill of sale

The bill of sale firearm Virginia not only protects both the buyer and seller during the transaction, but it also serves as proof of sale. It becomes a valuable document in situations where there might be legal implications, such as tracing a previously owned firearm, resolving ownership disputes, or demonstrating the legality of gun ownership.

How to Fill Out Firearm Bill of Sale Form Virginia

When completing your Virginia bill of sale firearm, it is crucial to ensure all the provided information is accurate and complete:

  1. Locate the 'Date' section at the top left-hand corner of the form and fill in the current date. 
  2. Move on to 'Buyer's Name' field, enter your full legal name here.
  3. Fill in your mailing address including the city, state and zip code in the 'Mailing Address' box.
  4. Go to 'Seller’s Name', where you input the full legal name of the seller.
  5. Enter the seller's full mailing address in the 'Seller’s Mailing Address' section.
  6. In the 'Make' box, write down the manufacturer of the firearm.
  7. In the 'Type/Model', jot down the model of the firearm in the space provided. 
  8. Fill in 'Caliber' box with the caliber of the firearm.
  9. Provide the firearm's serial number under the 'Serial Number' section.
  10. Under 'Purchase' option, you have three choices: cash payment, gift, or trade. Check the box that corresponds to the type of transaction that was made. 
  11. If the transaction was cash, type the amount paid in the blank space provided. Also, specify the date payment was made or will be made.
  12. If the firearm was received as a gift or for trade, provide the necessary details in the specified field.
  13. Both the seller and buyer must write their signatures in their designated 'Signature' boxes, respectively.
  14. Following the signatures, both parties must print their names in the 'Print Name' fields and provide the date of signing.
  15. Finally, if the document needs to be notarized, the notary will sign, print their name, and date the document in the appropriate fields.

Tips for filling out the bill of sale Virginia firearm

Knowing how to fill out this form correctly is key to a smooth transaction. Here are a few tips for filling out the bill of sale firearm Virginia:

  • Use clear, legible handwriting or type the information to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Double-check all information for accuracy, particularly the firearm's details and the parties involved.
  • Retaining an attorney or a notary public to witness your signatures for added legal protection is a good idea.
  • Keep a copy of the completed form for your records to resolve any issues in the future.

Fillable online Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale
(4.6 / 5) 53 votes
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