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What Is the Kentucky Vehicle Bill of Sale?

Put simply, the Kentucky vehicle bill of sale form is an essential legal document used during the purchase or sale of a motor vehicle within the state of Kentucky. It stands as a substantial proof of the transaction and verifies the change of ownership.

Significance of the bill of sale Kentucky vehicle

This form is important for two main reasons. First, it serves as a formal receipt for the buyer that attests to the payment made and received. Second, it offers vital information about the vehicle, such as the purchase price, the seller and the buyer's data, the description of the vehicle, and the transaction date. 

How to Fill Out the Kentucky Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Wondering about filling out this Kentucky vehicle form? It may seem daunting at first, but once you understand the mandatory details that need to be included, filling the Kentucky vehicle bill of sale form becomes a hassle-free task. Here are the crucial details that must be filled:

  1. Begin filling out the form by providing the necessary vehicle information including the Make, Model, Year, Style, Color, and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN#).
  2. Input the odometer reading of the vehicle in the specific field.
  3. Include the seller's registration number in the dedicated section.
  4. Answer the question "Have you previously filed an application for the title of this vehicle?" by marking either Yes or No.
  5. Fill out the Seller's Full Name in the specified field.
  6. Type in the Seller's Address, along with the City, and State.
  7. In the Buyer's section, write down the Buyer's Full Name.
  8. Proceed to input the Buyer's Address, City, and State.
  9. Include the sum amount of the vehicle in the allocated $ box.
  10. If the vehicle is a gift, check the “This was a gift” box and clarify the relationship in the provided blank.
  11. Sign the form digitally in the Seller's Signature field.
  12. Input the date in the Seller’s signature date field in the MM/DD/YYY format.
  13. Have the buyer sign the form digitally in the Buyer's Signature field.
  14. The buyer will then need to input the date in the Buyer's signature date field using the same MM/DD/YYYY format.
  15. Review the entire Kentucky vehicle form for accuracy and completeness, ensuring that all necessary fields have been filled. If everything checks out, submit the form.

When to use the Kentucky bill of sale vehicle

The vehicle bill of sale in Kentucky is required in several notable situations:

  • Transferring Vehicle Ownership: A bill of sale is needed to document the sale and transfer of ownership between the buyer and seller.
  • Registering a Vehicle: If you are a buyer, you'll need this form while registering the new vehicle onto your name at a Department of Motor Vehicles office.
  • Filing Taxes: If you are a seller, this form provides proof that you have sold the vehicle and are no longer responsible for taxes associated with it.
  • Resolving Legal issues: The document can help resolve legal disputes over ownership and liability, providing clear evidence of the ownership transfer.

Organizations that work with the vehicle bill of sale Kentucky

  • Individual vehicle sellers and buyers in the state of Kentucky.
Fillable online Kentucky Vehicle Bill of Sale
(4.9 / 5) 94 votes
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