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What is Vehicle Sales Agreement?

The vehicle sales agreement is a document that records the procedure of buying/selling the vehicle between two parties, the buyer and the seller. This is the form that describes business relations and secures the rights of both parties. This document is vital for buyers and sellers since they can always use it to prove their point of you and to protect their rights.

The mutual agreement contains details on the vehicle that is sold. It also contains details on the price and payment that must be provided. It contains details on the way the buyer transfers the money.

You can include the warranties in the document, and describe the responsibilities of the buyer and seller. Make sure that both parties agree with the statements written in the form. Some sellers and buyers prefer to create the document from the very beginning, yet, it takes some time. You can use the universal form or add specific details of your case based on the situation.

Vehicle Sales Agreement on PDFLiner

What I need the Vehicle Sales Agreement PDF for?

  • The seller needs a vehicle sales agreement template to make sure that buyer understands the basic details of the purchase, is ready to pay the price they agreed upon and can do it by the deadline. This form secures the rights of the seller. After the transition of the vehicle is made, the seller is able to use this document in court if some of the sections in the agreement are not performed by the buyer;
  • The buyer needs the document to make sure that the seller will not change their mind and will follow the rules they’ve agreed upon. This form provides details on the vehicle, on the warranties that the buyer receives, fixes the price that they’ve originally agreed upon, and provides strict deadlines.

How to Fill Out Vehicle Sale Agreement Template?

You don’t have to search for the vehicle sales agreement form for too long. There are lots of different variants created over the years by sellers and buyers on the Internet. You can simply Google them and pick the one you need. You may want to create the agreement by yourself. However, to do this, you may probably need to consult with a lawyer in the first place which will cost you money.

Another option is to go to the PDFLiner and pick the universal agreement widely used around the US. It contains all the sections you need in the agreement. You don’t even need to add anything else. Since this is an online editor, you may still edit some sections if you want or you may fill out the changed form online. Here is what you need to include inside the vehicle sales agreement with monthly payments before you hand it to the second party:

  1. Provide information on the date when the deal was made, and the parties that took part in it, including names and the city;
  2. Read the background statement before you agree upon it;
  3. Share the description of the vehicle that is acquired;
  4. Provide information about the price both parties agreed upon, the payments that are made, and the due date for the final payment;
  5. Provide information on the delivery of the vehicle;
  6. Clear the data on warranties, and responsibilities of both parties;
  7. Put the signature and name of the seller and buyer. Don’t forget to include the date when the document was signed.

Vehicle Sales Agreement on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Vehicle Sales Agreement

  • Seller of the vehicle;
  • Buyer of the vehicle.
Fillable online Vehicle Sales Agreement
(4.6 / 5) 44 votes
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