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What Is Purchase Order Template?

You can use the purchase order form template to provide information about the purchase that was made. This form is usually filled by the seller with the information on the customer and the goods that were bought. This template is widely used by online stores with international or national shipments. You can consider it as a contract between two parties.

The seller provides the items that were promised in exchange for money that was originally asked for. This purchase order template PDF must be signed by the purchasing party and the approving party. Don’t forget to include the date when the template was received. Many online stores prefer to place their logos on the form and use it as an extra advertisement. Yet, if you are not sure what to include in the form, it is better to use the standard one, which you can decorate later.

Once you download purchase order template or open it online, you may already have the list of items to include inside. This form is one page long and can be filled out by one of your employees. Keep a record of such documents so you can always prove the shipment to the client.

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What I need the purchase order template for?

  • As a seller, you need to keep records of all the items you sell. This printable purchase order template is the perfect way to keep the documentation in order. You can use the paperless option and save all the shipments and items sold counted in one place. It will help your business to improve, work faster, and even get more positive reviews from the clients;
  • As a buyer, you have to ask for the purchase order form from your seller. If you did not receive it automatically, you can ask and expect to receive it within days. Yet, usually, all the sellers prefer to send their customers such notifications.

How to Fill Out Purchase Order Template?

PDFLiner offers you a standard blank purchase order form with all the sections you may need to fill in for your clients. You may start with this one and edit to a more advanced option once you understand how everything works. You can even change the design here or create a new form from the very beginning with PDFLiner’s editing tools in front of you.

Once you fill in all the sections, send the document to the client, and wait for the signature. Ask the client to send it back if you need it. You have to save the document on your computer as well. The easiest way is to use the paperless option and send letters via email. Here is what must be included in the document:

  1. Provide the number of the purchase if you have one;
  2. Include the information about the customer, using the name of the person and a phone. You may also provide the address;
  3. Provide the address for the shipment and the terms of the shipment;
  4. Include the current date, number of the customer if there is any, name of salesperson, week of shipment, way of delivery, and routing;
  5. Include the description of the item, its number, quality, price, and total price with the shipment;
  6. Provide special instructions if there are any;
  7. Sign the document and ask the client to sign it.

Organizations that work with purchase order template

  • Customers and sellers around the US.
Fillable online Purchase Order Template
(4.9 / 5) 67 votes
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