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Necessity of an Oregon Boat Bill of Sale Form

When you're purchasing or selling a watercraft in Oregon, you'll definitely come across the term boat bill of sale Oregon. It's an essential legal document that validates the transfer of ownership from one party to another. It ensures that all the transaction details are recorded accurately, protecting both the buyer and seller.

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Importance of the bill of sale for boat Oregon

The bill of sale for Oregon boat is crucial in establishing a clear record of the transaction. Apart from marking the change of ownership, the form is also required to register the boat under the new owner's name. Without this documentation, the Oregon State Marine Board will not process a new registration. 

Moreover, this Oregon boat form serves as evidence if disputes arise regarding ownership or terms of sale in the future. It provides transparency to the transaction, creating a more secure buying or selling environment.

How to Fill Out the Boat Bill of Sale Oregon

Filling out an Oregon boat bill of sale form template is a straightforward process:

  1. Begin the filling process under the heading 'Vessel Description.' Key in the accurate "State assigned Certificate of Number". This is a registration number that the state of Oregon assigns to the boat. 
  2. Enter the exact "Model Year" of the water vessel. You'll find this information on the boat's registration documents.
  3. Type the vessel's "Manufacturer." The manufacturer is the company that built the boat. 
  4. Input the "Hull Identification Number" (HIN). The HIN could be found engraved into the boat's structure itself.
  5. Transition to 'Seller Information' section. Input both the "Owner Printed Name" and "Co-Owner Printed Name" (if applicable) accurately.
  6. Sign your digital signatures in the "Owner Signature" and "Co- Owner Signature" fields. If you're the co-owner, provide your signature in the "Co-Owner Signature" field. 
  7. Fill in the specific dates under "Date" for both owner and co-owner (if applicable). These are the dates that the owner(s) signed the form.
  8. Move on to the 'Buyer Information' section. Fill in the "New Owner Last Name," "First Name," and "Middle Initial". If a co-owner is involved, provide their details as asked.
  9. Write down the full "Address" including the "City", "State", and "Zip". This will be the new address where the buyer plans on storing the boat. 
  10. List down the "New Lienholder" if the buyer is financing the boat. The lienholder is the person or company that lent the buyer the money to purchase the boat.
  11. Fill out the "Address," "City," "State," and "Zip" of the new lienholder. This should be the official address of either the financial lending institution or individual. 

What to do after getting your Oregon boat bill of sale

Once you’ve filled out your bill of sale Oregon boat form, ensure copies are made for both parties involved in the sale. As the buyer, you will need the original copy to register the boat in your name with the Oregon State Marine Board. For the seller, keeping a copy of the bill proves that you've legally transferred ownership and thus, no longer responsible for the boat.

Fillable online Oregon Boat Bill of Sale
(4.8 / 5) 108 votes
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