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What is a W7 Form?

Form W-7 is an application for IRS individual taxpayer identification number or simply ITIN. ITIN is an 9-digits number that IRS grants to people who can't receive an SSN for some reason and uses is to identify a tax payer. We have the whole article in our blog explaining "what is a W-7 Form".

What I need the W-7 IRS Form for?

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IRS Form W7 or Application for Individual IRS Tax Identification Number works for both residents and non-residents of the US. The name of the form speaks for itself, it's used to apply for an individual tax ID or to renew an ITIN, the applicant must provide documents that prove their identity.

The document is mostly used by non-residents who are not allowed to have a Social Security number but are required to complete a federal tax return with the IRS in order to receive income from US sources.

In our blog, you can read more detailed article on how to apply for ITIN number.

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How to Fill Out IRS ITIN Application Form Online?

Step 1: Click the "Fill Out Form" button.

Step 2: Enter the following information in the fillable fields:

  • The reason why you submit the form;
  • Your name, mailing address and, if different, foreign address of the applicant;
  • Your date of birth and place of birth;
  • The country of permanent residence;
  • Foreign tax identification number;
  • US Visa Number (if applicable);
  • Information about the documents submitted to verify your identity.

Step 3: Sign your W 7 application form by clicking on the "Sign Field".

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Step 4: Specify the current date and your contact phone number.

Step 5: Once you filled out and double-checked all the necessary fields, click the "Done" button to download W7 form.

FAQ: W-7 Form Popular Questions

  • What is the difference between a social security number and an ITIN?

    The difference is pretty simple. A social security number is a tax identification number for U.S. citizens and authorized foreigners. Residents with a foreign status or nonresident aliens that conduct business in the U.S., but do not qualify for a social security number, should receive an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

  • How to send W-7 form to IRS?

    You can bring the form in person to your closest IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center. In order to do this you should schedule an appointment by calling 844-545-5640.

    Another way to send a W-7 form to the IRS is by mail. Mail the form and all other documents required by the IRS to the address:

    Internal Revenue Service
    ITIN Operation
    P.O. Box 149342
    Austin, TX 78714-9342

  • Who can sign a W-7 Form?

    ITIN Applicant.

    The applicant's parent or court-appointed guardian.

    Representative with a filled Form 2848.

  • Can I file W7 form online?

    IRS form W7 can not be submitted electronically. You can fill out the form online and then print it and send it to the IRS by mail or submit it in person.

Fillable online Form W-7
(4.9 / 5) 51 votes
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