Form 8995-A (Schedule C)


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1. What is an 8995 A Schedule C form?

The fillable 8995 A Schedule C form is a federal tax form by the IRS that is used for reporting loss netting and carryforward. It can be used as an independent form by business entities. With PDFLiner, you can download 8995 A Schedule C free form, fill it online, or print it directly. 

2. What I need the 8995 A Schedule C for?

You need to fill the 8995 A Schedule C:

  • to report qualified net loss;
  • to report the total losses and income from trades, businesses, or aggregations;
  • to report losses netted with income;
  • to report business net loss carryforward. 

You don’t need to file the form if you are not a business entity and don’t have anything to report in the lines of the form (see the instructions below). 

3. How to fill out 8995 A Schedule C?

Filling out the blank of this PDF form is very simple. Follow these steps to complete it properly:

  • Enter your name (same as on your return);
  • Enter your valid taxpayer ID;
  • Provide trade, business, or aggregation name and select the right situation for each business.

Follow the instructions in lines 2-6 to complete each box with the accurately calculated figures:

  • Line 2 – qualified net (loss) from prior years;
  • Line 3 – total of the trades, businesses, or aggregations losses;
  • Line 4 – a total of the trades, businesses, or aggregations income;
  • Line 5 – losses netted with the income of other trades, businesses, or aggregations;
  • Line 6 – qualified business net (loss) carryforward. 

4. Organizations that work with 8995 A Schedule C

  • US Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 
Fillable online Form 8995-A (Schedule C)
(4.6 / 5) 85 votes
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