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What is an 8027-T Form?

Form 8027-T, also known as Transmittal of Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips, is used to summarize and confirm the transmission of 8027 forms by an employer of an employee's tip income. Download form 8027-T form to fill and attach to the 8027 form.

What I Need Form 8027-T for?

  • The Form 8027-T is used for the annual reports of receipts and tips to the IRS;
  • You have to fill this form if you have a large establishment and tipped employees.

How To Fill Out Form 8027-T?

The fillable form 8027-T is easy to write in. Especially, if you’re using a PDF version.

To fill out the 8027-T form, you have to specify:

  • Employer’s name and identification number (from the form 8027);
  • Address;
  • City, State, and ZIP information;
  • A number of accompanying 8027 forms.

Organizations That Work With Form 8027-T

  • Department of the Treasury;
  • Internal Revenue Service;
  • Form 8027-T shouldn’t be filed with electronically filed Forms 8027.
Fillable online Form 8027-T
(4.8 / 5) 67 votes
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