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1. What is a 4852 Form? 

Federal tax Form 4852 is an official document by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) that is used for replacing forms W-2, W-2c, and 1099-R when employers or payers (business entities or else) don’t provide you with a W-2 or 1099-R or provide you with an incorrect version of the form. The form lets you report the information from both forms. It also has to be submitted along with forms 1040, 1040-SR, or 1040-X, depending on your case. 

2. What I need the 4852 Form for?

You need to file the fillable Form 4852:

  • To provide the IRS with all the required information from your W-2 and/or  1099-R;
  • If your employer or payer doesn’t send you an original or corrected W-2, W-2c, or 1099-R;
  • If you are a representative of a person who cannot receive these forms from his or her payer/employer. 

Don’t file this form:

  • Until you make certain attempts to receive your W-2, W-2c, and 1099-R from the payer or employer;
  • If you finally receive them by the end of February. 

3. How to fill out Form 4852?

  • Enter your name, address, and SSN (Social Security Number) as on your return;
  • Provide employer’s or payer’s name, address, ZIP, and TIN (if you know it);
  • Fill lines a-i for your missing W-2 form if needed;
  • Fill lines a-j for the 1099-R form if you are missing it;
  • Explain how do you figure out the amounts for both forms;
  • Shortly describe what did you do to receive your W-2 and 1099-R (you must do something for that). 

You can download Form 4852 PDF from the IRS website or directly from the PDFLiner’s library for free and without the need to search. There’s also an option to fill it online and print it after completion. You can also choose to fill the blank that the IRS sends you when the necessity is approved. 

4. Organizations that work with Form 4852 

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

How to fill out form 4852 with a paystub?

You have to fill out the printed version of the 4852 form. You may receive the hard copy from the IRS. You can also find it here, on the website. Follow the instructions:
1. Lines from 1-6 are for you to identify yourself. You have to state your name, address, social security number, state the reason why you are filling this form, name of employer, and TIN;
2. Line 7 must be filled with the data from the W-2 form, where you have to use a pay stub. You have to fill it with the information about tips, wages, withheld taxes;
3. Line 8 must be filled with the data from the 1099-R form. You have to name the IRAs, insurances, annuities, pensions, and profit-sharing or retirement plans;
4. Line 9 asks about the determination of the amount in lines 7 and 8;
5. Line 10 requires an explanation on refusal to send W-2 and 1099-R forms.

FAQ: Let’s Go Through Form 4852 Popular Questions

  • What is form 4852?

    The form 4852 is a substitute for the forms 1099-R, W-2, and W-2C. Taxpayers have to fill it if employers do not provide them with W-2 or 1099-R forms. Besides, if payers or employers made mistakes in W-2 or 1099R forms, taxpayers have to complete the 4852 form.

  • What is form 4852 used for?

    This form has to be completed by employees or their representatives. If either employer or payer refuses to fill up W-2, W-2C, or 1099R forms, you may use the 4852 form. Sometimes when you need to fix the information that was given incorrectly in one of the above-mentioned forms, you can send 4852 to the IRS. The form is attached to the tax return income document.

  • When can you file form 4852?

    You have to receive the form W-2 from the employer before the end of February. If you haven’t received it, call the IRS and provide your personal data, including address, phone, security number, and employment dates. The IRS contacts your employer and sends you a 4852 form. You may either wait for the new form W-2 filed by the employer or fill in the 4852 form.

  • How to get form 4852?

    You can receive the form from the IRS directly. You have to contact them and ask for the form. However, you can make yourself familiar with this form on this website. All you need is to follow the direct link. You will find detailed instructions on how to fill the form as well. You still have to notify the IRS and receive the official form before you can file it.

  • How to fill out form 4852 without a pay stub?

    Your pay stub will be required in line 7 of the 4852 form. You’ll have to fill in the information on the form W-2 there. Then you will need to go back to the pay stub information in line 9. Unfortunately, you can’t fill this form without the pay stub info. You may ask your employer to file W-2 or 1099-R, but you will still have to provide a pay stub to the IRS.

Fillable online Form 4852
(4.9 / 5) 51 votes
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