Form 1040 (Schedule B)


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What is Form 1040 Schedule B?

IRS Schedule B 1040 Form is an addition to the main tax return, which must be used by those taxpayers who receive income from dividends or interests. This document is always used in conjunction with a personal return. You need data from Forms 1099-IND and -DIV to fill it out.

Form 1040 Schedule B

What do I need the tax form 1040 Schedule B for?

  • If you have dividends or interests that are taxable, you need to complete the IRS 1040 Schedule B form.
  • At the same time, the amount of such income should be $1500 or more.
  • If you do not have dividends, bonds, and investments, or income from them was below the established threshold, you do not need to fill out printable IRS Form 1040 Schedule B.

How to Fill Out Schedule B 1040 tax form?

Step 1: Enter your name and SSN as in your return.

Step 2: List all interests, sum positions, subtract excludable interests (if any) from it, and transfer the result to the main return.

Step 3: List all ordinary dividends, add them up and rewrite the total on Form 1040.

Step 4: Answer the questions about participating in foreign trusts by following the 1040 Schedule B Form instructions.

Step 5: Since this form is not a standalone document, upon completing the IRS Form 1040 Schedule B, download it and attach it to the main file. Your signature is not required on this application.

Filling Form 1040 Schedule B

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Fillable online Form 1040 (Schedule B)
(4.7 / 5) 82 votes
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