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What Is DD 1351-2 Travel Voucher or Subvoucher Form?

DD 1351-2 is a form made by the Department of Defense for Army employees who have to travel somewhere. It has to be filled out to cover the travel expenses that military personnel had spent. The form was created to compensate for all the expenses for the employee during the work travel. This form is also called the travel voucher or duty travel subvoucher.

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What I need the DD form 1351-2 for?

This travel voucher or subvoucher continuation sheet is required to be filled out for:

  • The compensation to military workers who have to make duty travels and pay their own money;
  • Military employees who want to receive their money bag for the trips they’ve made during the service;
  • An army service that requires receiving detailed information on expenses;
  • An army service that needs to pay expenses made during assignments;
  • The military law states that the full compensation of all travel costs must be made in a fixed period of time. The form must be accompanied by all receipts.

How to Fill Out DD Form 1351-2?

The form is 2 pages long. However, the second page contains the terms and privacy act statement. Besides receipts from every gas station, facility, personal expenses, travel tickets, and so on, you have to provide the following information:

  • The details on the reimbursement: check or electronically;
  • Personal information on claimant: full name, SSN, grade, phone, address;
  • If there is an applicant’s defended, there must be information on it;
  • Number of travel order or authorization;
  • Travel duration;
  • Itinerary;
  • Expenses that must be compensated;
  • Signature of the claimant;
  • The last block must be left empty for the verification. It will contain the name of the reviewer, official who approves this claim, classification of accounting, etc.

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Organizations that work with DD form 1351-2 PDF

  • Department of Defense;
  • The US Army.

FAQ: DD Form 1351-2 Popular Questions

  • How do I sign DD 1351-2 travel voucher?

    The voucher should be signed by the traveler, certifying that the travel expenses were incurred while on official government business and that the expenses are accurate and reasonable. Place your signature in the signature block on page 3 of the voucher by clicking on the "Sign Field".

  • Where to submit DD form 1351-2?

    The DD Form 1351-2 is submitted to the nearest military personnel office. You can find your nearest military personnel office by using the Department of Defense's Recruiting Service locator.

  • How do I fill out DD 1351-2 for DITY move?

    The DD 1351-2 form is used to request reimbursement for a Personally Procured Move (PPM). To fill out the form, you will need your Social Security Number, your current address and phone number, your new address, the date of your move, and the amount of your claim.

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