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What is the blank DD Form 2701?

The fillable blank DD Form 2701 is a brochure issued by the United States Department of Defense to provide the victims and witnesses of crime with all the necessary initial information and instructions.

What I need the blank DD Form 2701 for?

  • To better acknowledge how the law system works;
  • To receive instructions on the course of actions for different relevant situations;
  • To receive contact information for various assistance.

How to fill out the blank DD Form 2701?

As the brochure is given to the witnesses and victims of crime, it is filled out by the representatives of the Department of Defense. The brochure consists of two pages: the first page is filled out by entering the necessary contact information and the second page is pre-filled with the mentioned instructions.

The first page contains seven sections to be filled out with contact information. The first section is devoted to investigation and requires the DoD representative to enter the investigator’s name and address.

The same has to be done in the second section, but the contact has to be able to provide additional assistance to the victims and witnesses of crime.

The third section of the printable blank DD Form 2701 covers the prosecution and also requires the representative to enter the corresponding name and telephone number.

The fourth section is devoted to compensation for medical or other expenses and should contain the office or name and the telephone number of the state office for Crime Victim Compensation.

The fifth section has to provide the victims and witnesses with the contact dealing with cases of reprisal, retaliation or ostracism, experienced as a result of reporting a crime.

The last section has four fields to fill out. This section is used to provide the person with contacts for legal assistance and/or a Special Victims’ Counsel or Victims’ Legal Counsel. The Legal Assistance Office and its telephone number, as well as the SVC or VLC office and telephone numbers shall be entered in the corresponding fields.

Organizations that work with the blank DD Form 2701

The United States Department of Defense

Fillable online DD Form 2701
(4.7 / 5) 41 votes
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