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What Is a Load Confirmation Sheet? 

A rate confirmation trucking form is a document used for providing the load details for the carriers whom you have addressed. It acts as the rate and load data confirmation. It comes in the form of a one-page load rate confirmation template you have to fill out with such information as carrier’s and shopper’s names, contact details, acceptable equipment, pickup and delivery dates, etc.

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What do I need the load confirmation sheet for 

  • To accompany each shipment of goods with an official documental proof;

  • To ensure that the transportation services will be paid when a carrier delivers the cargo;

  • To specify additional expenditures that arose during the goods transportation, for example, fees for the fuel used or commissions for the extra work.

How to Fill Out the Load Confirmation and Rate Agreement Template? 

  1. To fill out a sample rate confirmation sheet, press the blue “Fill this form” button located on this page.

  2. When you see a one-page document with blue fillable fields, click on the blank sections and type the essential shipment data. First, write the carrier’s and shipper’s names, addresses, phone numbers, delivering hours, etc.

  3. In the section related to the load, specify the equipment, the shipment number, and the pickup and delivery dates.

  4. Below, provide a detailed description of each item, its weight, quantity, and type. Calculate the total weight and quantity of the delivered load.

  5. Provide the contact number of a person responsible for confirmation of additional services and accessories.

  6. Calculate the cost of line haul, adjustments, and total rate.

  7. Provide the signatures of both a shipper and a carrier. 

  8. When you complete the blank rate confirmation PDF, you can choose what to do with the form next, to do this, select and click the "Share" or "Export" button. Now you can download the form on your PC, send it via email, or print it out.

Organizations that work with trucking load order rate confirmation

  • Shipping companies and carriers

FAQ: Load Confirmation Sheet Popular Questions

  • Who should fill out a rate confirmation?

    A freight broker has to complete a rate load detail blank and give it to the carrier for signing before the load delivery. A rate confirmation can be specified in the load tender form or come as a separate paper.

  • What is the MC Number in a trucking rate confirmation?

    Motor Carrier Number or simply MC Number is an identifying license a carrier gets from the FMCSA. It is required in a rate confirmation since this document is a legally binding agreement of pay between a carrier and a freight broker.

  • How to sign a rate confirmation?

    If you want to do everything the modern way, without a pen and ink, you can use the handy e-signing function that PDFLiner provides on the upper dashboard. Choose the “Add sign” tool on the upper toolbar, and “Signature Wizard” will open. Decide whether you want to draw, upload, or type your signature to insert its digital variant in the document.

Fillable online Load Rate Confirmation Template
(5 / 5) 97 votes
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