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Get your Alaska Claim of Ownership in 3 easy steps

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  • 02 Sign it online Sign Alaska Claim of Ownership
  • 03 Export or print immediately Export Alaska Claim of Ownership

1. What is an Alaska Claim of Ownership Form?

The fillable Alaska Claim of Ownership Form lets you claim ownership/involuntary lien for a motor vehicle in one of the 5 cases described in the form. The second page of the form includes the list of additional documentation that you need to provide along with your 826 Form. Otherwise, it can be difficult to obtain the title.

2. What I need the Alaska Claim of Ownership Form for?

  • You should fill the form if you have a legal lien on the vehicle, according to 28.10.502, 34.35.175, 24.35.220, or 34.35.225 parts of the Statute;
  • Fill if an abandoned vehicle is on your property (parts 28.11.025 and 28.05.121);
  • If you have the right to repossess the vehicle (parts 45.29.601-45.29.628);
  • Don’t file if you don’t match any of the requirements. 

We provide you with an option to download the Alaska Claim of Ownership Form for free as well as to use our online PDF editor to fill it out. You can complete and print the form within a 10-day trial or purchase a plan that suits you.

3. How to fill out the Alaska Claim of Ownership Form?

This form includes 2 pages and requires the following:

  • Vehicle information: license plate number, state, VIN, year, make, registered owner, lienholder, and some other details;
  • Next, tick the box that matches your case and reason for claiming the ownership;
  • Provide actual odometer reading and the date of sale;
  • Enter your name, valid business name of the company (optional), and sign the form;
  • Pass the form to the notary;
  • Name the buyer of the vehicle and state the true payment amount. Let the buyer sign the blank;
  • Include the information in your annual IRS tax return.

4. Organizations that work with Alaska Claim of Ownership Form:

  • Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles.
Fillable online Alaska Claim of Ownership
(4.7 / 5) 85 votes
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