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Get your PA1P Probate application in 3 easy steps

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What is a PA1P Probate Application form?

The fillable PA1P Probate Application form is a federal form of the UK that is issued to let citizens apply for probate if someone who dies mentions them in the will. If there’s no will, try to apply with the form PA1A instead. PA1P requires a list of attachments that are mentioned on the first page, so make sure to attach everything and keep the copies. You are also required to pay the applicable tax and tax for copies. 

What I need the PA1P Probate Application form for?

  • Fill out this form in order to receive the legal rights to inherit the assets/ business shares bequeathed to you by the filler of the will.
  • Up to 4 beneficiaries can apply using one copy of the form. 
  • The form can’t be used for applying while the will owner is alive.

How to fill out the PA1P Probate Application form?

  1. To fill out the blank, you need to provide the following information:
  2. Personal information – provide the applicant’s title, full name, and the form of your name stated in the will (if it’s different from your actual name). Next, provide address details, and contacts. Provide the same information for each applicant.
  3. Section B – provide all the personal information of the testator and answer the questions about their marital status, foreign assets.
  4. Name legally adopted relatives.
  5. Provide the details and a copy of the will and codicils.
  6. Calculate the inheritance tax.
  7. Report all the relatives of the testator.
  8. Fill out the attorney application.
  9. Enlist foreign assets;
  10. Sign the form (all applicants must sign it). Fill out the optional Equality and Diversity questions if needed.

If you wish to download the PA1P Probate Application form and fill it out in your favorite PDF software, you can create a free account on PDFLiner and get it. We also provide an advanced online editor and a direct print option.

Organizations that work with PA1P Probate Application form:

  • Any local Probate Registry of the UK.
Fillable online PA1P Probate application
(4.8 / 5) 49 votes
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