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What is Census 7525-V?

Census 7525-V is a form that is accepted by the US Department of Commerce. This form is known as a Shipper’s Export Declaration. It must be used for export of the USA whenever the cargo has a value of $2,500, at least. Still, depending on the destination of the shipment, this form may be required even if the sum is lower than $2,500.

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What I need the Census 7525-V for?

  • Census 7525-V form must be used for any cargo shipment for export which has value $2,500 or more;
  • This form makes the compilation of statics impossible for frauds;
  • The US government requires this form to control the export;
  • Shipment owners require this form to feel secured from any misunderstanding with taxes.

This form does not need any other documents attached to it. This is already an export declaration. However, this form must be filled out and sent before the cargo leaves the country.

Filling out Census 7525-V

To complete this form, you have to provide specific information. Read the requirements for this form before you start filling it out. You have to make sure you know the following information:

  • Consignees: ultimate and intermediate;
  • Principal Party from the USA in the Interest, details about it;
  • All the transportation details, including the exact address of the destination;
  • Description of every commodity that is being shipped;
  • The forwarding agent: name, contact information;
  • Authorization.

After you complete this form, it must be sent to the Census Bureau of the USA. Save the copy for the exporter if it is needed. Check if the form is sent before the shipment.

Organizations that work with Census 7525-V

  • The US Census Bureau;
  • The US Department of Commerce.
Fillable online Form 7525-V
(5 / 5) 80 votes
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