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Get your Starter Checklist in 3 easy steps

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What is the Starter Checklist form?

The fillable Starter Checklist form allows you to check the information about the employees you’ve just hired if they don’t have the P45. After you arrange a business agreement with your new employee, you will need information for the Full Payment Submission. Download the Starter Checklist form if you are an employee and want to provide the information your employer requires.

What I need the Starter Checklist for?

  • The blank of Starter Checklist is helpful for both parties when it comes to tax information you have to provide and FPS;
  • It is used for clarifying the information about the last three tax years of the employee;
  • Employees can fill out the form to receive payments from employers;
  • The correct information allows you to pay the exact tax amount you have, without overpaying anything;
  • This form is not required by the HM Revenue and Customs.

How to fill out the Starter Checklist form?

Starter Checklist Screenshot

You will find the pdf version of the Starter Checklist right on this page. It is free to download and simple to fill. You can either print it out and complete the form manually or fill it online and send it to your employer. The form consists of 2 pages. You have to be specific in filling it. Pay attention to the information you have to provide:

  • Employee’s personal data, including name, gender, birth date, address, insurance number, and the start date of employment;
  • Employee statement, where you have to choose one of the most suitable variants and put the tick in the box;
  • Your signature, full name, and the date you’ve signed the document.

Starter Checklist - Screenshot 2

Organizations that work with the Starter Checklist

  • Employers and employees from the UK;
  • HM Revenue and Customs.
Fillable online Starter Checklist
(5 / 5) 58 votes
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