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What Is a V890 Form?

The fillable V890 form is also known as a SORN document or statutory off-road notification. You have to download the V890 form if you need to notify the authorities that your vehicle is on the road. Since it is not a business agreement between two parties, you have to make it official and send it to the UK government. 

What I need the V890 form for?

  • The blank of the form is sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to notify that the vehicle is off the road;
  • This form is used for registering the current situation of your vehicle;
  • Authorities may require this filled document to receive the information about your vehicle and the registration specifics;
  • You can notify the authorities that this particular vehicle will not be used on a public highway;
  • The form can’t be transferred to anyone else. The new keeper can’t use SORN.

How to Fill In the Printable V890 form?

You will find the PDF version of the V890 application form here on this page. It is only one-page long and does not require any additional knowledge from you, except the details about your car. You can either print this form and fill it manually and send it to the officials, or you can do it online and send it electronically. The form is completely free of charge and you don’t have to pay anything to provide it. You need to include the following data:

  • Information about vehicle and its declaration, including registration number, SORN date, model, developer;
  • Personal details about you, including your business name or title, name, address;
  • Tick the box that matches your situation.
  • Download V890 form to print and send it to DVLA.

Organizations that work with DVLA V890 form online

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency;
  • The UK government.

FAQ: DVLA Form V890 Popular Questions

  • How do I get a V890 form?

    A V890 form PDF can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles or from the court that issued the traffic ticket. You can also download form V890 from PDFLiner once you filled it out.

  • Where to send V890 SORN form?

    The V890 SORN form must be sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to address: 

    SA99 1ZZ

    You can also visit the DVLA website for more information.

  • What does SORN mean?

    SORN stands for "Statutory Off Road Notification." It is a document that must be filed with the DVLA in order to declare that a vehicle will not be used on public roads.

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Fillable online Form V890
(4.6 / 5) 45 votes
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