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Such forms as 1040 (‘Long’), 1040A (‘Short’) and 1040EZ (‘Easy’) must be filled in by individuals in order for them to make their tax returns. This tax is paid annually at the beginning of a tax season: April 15 is the date for all personal payments. Besides the primary forms, there are such lesser-known forms and attachments as 8829, 8806, or 8865. The full list of individual tax forms is available below.

  • Form 8689
    1. What is the 8689 form? This fillable 8689 form must be stated by the US citizens who receive an income from the US Virgin Islands. This form is also known as Allocation of Individual Income Tax to the US Virgin Islands. You can also download the 8689 form if you are not a bona fide resident of the US Virgin Islands but is a resident alien or citizen of the USA. 2. What I need the 8689 form for? The 8689 form is used for taxpayers of the USA who are not residents of the US Virgin Islands but earn income there; Resident aliens who work for the US Virgin Islands but don’t live there; Bonafide residents of the US Virgin Islands pay USVI income taxes according to the local jurisdiction for taxes. It means that they do not have to download a blank of this form, but you still have to pay the tax mentioned in the local system. 3. How to fill out the 8689 form? You can find a pdf document with this form on this website. It is up to you whether you want to fill it online or complete the hard copy. You may probably try practicing with the print version before. If you have a business on the territory of the US Virgin Islands, you need to mention it in the form: Part 1 of this free form is about the income you receive from this territory. Pick all you receive; Part 2 is about the adjusted gross income from the USVI; Part 3 is about the allocation of tax to the Virgin Islands; Part 4 is about tax income for the USVI. 4. Organizations that work with 8689 You have to send it to the IRS.
  • Form 1040 (Schedule C)
    Form 1040 (Schedule C)
  • Form 8843
    Form 8843
  • Form 1042-S (2020)
    Form 1042-S (2020)
  • Form 1040 (Schedule B)
    Form 1040 (Schedule B)
  • Form W-10
    Form W-10
  • Form 1042-S
    Form 1042-S
  • Form 8865
    Form 8865
  • Form 8606
    Form 8606
  • Form 4868
    What is IRS 4868? IRS 4868 is also known as the Application of the Automatic Extension of Time to File the US Individual Tax Return. It may be used by any US citizen who pays taxes. It helps you to extend the time you can use to file the tax return. You may receive up to 6 months postponement to complete tax return documents. What I need the IRS 4868 for? The IRS 4868 form is required when you can’t provide Tax Return form immediately; This form must be applied if you want to prolong the due date of tax return form up to 6 months; It moves the deadlines for forms 709 and 1040. Yet, this form does not prolong the date of tax payments. You have to pay taxes on time. This form does not require any additional forms to be attached. You still have to include the payment information with this form. Filling out IRS 4868 The form is easy to fill out. It is short. It does not require specific knowledge of other forms or payments calculations. Still, there is some data that need to be completed. The form is divided into 2 parts: The 1st part contains detailed information about the taxpayer: name, address, phone, SSN. If the application is joint, you have to include the name and contacts of your spouse. If you make any changes in your current address or name, you have to inform the Social Security Administration in advance; The 2nd part of the form requires the information about the tax that must be paid by you. You don’t have to be specific. You can round up the number. You may use the information from the IRS 1040 form. Organizations that work with IRS 4868 Social Security Administration; Internal Revenue Service.
  • Form 8379
    What is IRS 8379? IRS 8379 is a form that must be filled by the spouse that is injured and wants to receive the return of taxes that were overpaid. They will be returning as a part of the join refund. This form is also called an Injured Spouse Allocation. This form may not cover all the debts. Check all the details by contacting the IRS directly. What I need the IRS 8379 for? The IRS 8379 for is required by the person who has an official status of injured spouse in a couple; You may receive compensation for the taxes you’ve overpaid; The join share of both spouses will be reconsidered and partly compensated. Not all tax payments and obligations can be covered via this form. You need to ask representatives of the IRS by contacting them about your specific case. This form usually goes together with 1040X form and declaration of tax payments that were made. There is a due date for the form. You have to file it in 3 years before the original refunding expire. Filling out IRS 8379 You have to complete IRS 8379 form using this information: Detailed numbers of the tax year; Details on joint refund, if you have ever filed it; The obligation of the payments; Status of the applicant in the community; Reported by applicant payments; Credit history; Salaries, wages, or self-employment income that the applicant has or had. Provide the numbers of tax refund mentioned in the tax declaration. Complete lines about the names of both spouses and their social security numbers. The checkbox must be filled by the injured spouse. Do not mark the checkbox in the 11th line if the refund was not issued for both you and your spouse. Check all the information before you sign it and send it. Email it to the Department of Treasury. Organizations that work with IRS 8379 Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service.
  • Form 1042-T
    Form 1042-T
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