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The ability to create PDF files in just several clicks is crucial to many occupations these days, given how ubiquitous the format has become. PDFLiner’s intuitive interface offers an all-around solution that has every chance of meeting the needs of even highly demanding users.

How to Generate a PDF with PDFLiner: A Step by Step Guide

  1. Sign up by clicking the Login button
  2. Selecting Register to enter your new username and password
    How to Generate a PDF with PDFLiner: A Step by Step Guide - screenshot1
  3. When signed up and logged in, access the My Documents section of your profile
    How to Generate a PDF with PDFLiner: A Step by Step Guide - screenshot2
  4. In the top right corner of the page, choose the Add Document drop-down list and select the “Create new document” option
    How to Generate a PDF with PDFLiner: A Step by Step Guide - screenshot3
  5. Proceed to fill your blank PDF file with content (see below for details).
    How to Generate a PDF with PDFLiner: A Step by Step Guide - screenshot4

PDF Content Options

Now that you know how to make a PDF document using PDFLiner, it’s time to explore some of the platform’s features.

Add Text

By clicking the Add Text button on the toolbar in the top part of the create-a-pdf window, you can place a text field anywhere in your document to type in PDF files. Just right-click the desired position for your text and start typing. When you are done, select OK in the text field’s menu. Please note that you can play with the font size and other text parameters.

Add Text - screenshot

The same instrument can be used if you need to add page numbers to an existing form.

Add a Signature

If you need to sign your PDF document online using an electronic signature, select the Add Sign option on the toolbar.

Add a Signature - screenshot1

A screen will appear with multiple e-sign options to choose from that are both secure and legal. You can draw a signature by hand or insert an image file with a photo of your signature. As a returning user, you might also want to save your signature in case you need it later.

Add a Signature - screenshot2

Add a Date

Click the Add Date button on the toolbar if you need a data field that uses the date format for convenience. This can be a time saver for those interested in filling in PDF forms online or creating ones for others to fill in.

Add a Date - screenshot

Annotate and Edit

If you are to annotate a PDF file as a reader or reviewer, select the Highlight drop-down menu on the toolbar to choose one of the three most common instruments used to get others’ attention when cooperating on a document.
Annotate and Edit - screenshot1

Alternatively, you can use the Insert button to add doodles and symbols like bullet point marks to your document. This can be especially useful if you want to convert the PDF to JPEG later on.
Annotate and Edit - screenshot2

Finally, you can use PDFliner to add watermarks to your files.

Annotate and Edit - screenshot3Annotate and Edit - screenshot4

What to Do After Creating a PDF Document

Being a registered user, you can save any PDF file you have created for future use and editing. You can then access it via My Documents when logged into your account.

Alternatively, you might want to download it to your device. PDFLiner offers two download formats to choose from, PDF and JPEG, the latter being a common choice for image-like content.

If you need to send the resulting document to others, use the email or share option to spare yourself the downloading step and save time.


Make Your Own PDF with Online PDF Creator

  • Create Fillable PDF Templates
    Make a PDF template to suit your most exact needs whenever you need. With our online service, it’s a piece of cake.
  • Make Your Files Fillable
    Add fillable PDF fields to your files for the purpose of sending them to your clients or partners for signature.
  • Create Interactive Checklists
    Checklist PDF files of your choice whenever you wish with our online document editor. The possibilities are endless.
  • Add Brand Identity
    Make the most of the ‘Create Document’ tool to incorporate your unique brand identity into your files (e.g. add logos, use company colors, etc.)
  • Get All Creative
    Enjoy using PDFLiner to create memes, gift certificates, a variety of file templates, etc.
  • Share Your Documents
    Share the created document with your clients, colleagues and friends, or invite them to create a PDF together.

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Hear What PDFLiner Users Have to Say About PDF Creating Feature

  • Ruby Winthrop
    HR Manager
    PDFLiner is a really powerful creative tool for someone whose job is to obtain information from a large number of people. I use it to create fillable custom questionnaires for our applicants as well as Job Application Forms. The fact you can add fillable fields saves my time and that of the people I search to recruit.
  • Gemma Hunt
    Legal documents tend to be wordy and a pain to navigate, especially when alterations are necessary. I appreciate the flexibility that comes with using PDFLiner to create PDFs with all the elements I need them to have. There’s no need to invent signature or date tools because there are various field types to choose from. It’s very convenient to use.
  • Oliver Crawford
    Self-Employed Technician
    Working for myself, I’m the one responsible for the documents my customers have to deal with. PDFLiner solves the problem for the purpose of what I do because it enables me to create simple and unfussy service requests forms and similar documents without investing too much time and giving my clients a headache.
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