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What Is IRS Form 8815

It’s a document used by individuals to report and exclude interest income from eligible U.S. savings bonds. It aims to determine if the interest earned on specific savings bonds qualifies for exclusion from taxable income, provided the bondholder meets certain criteria. By filing Form 8815, taxpayers can potentially reduce their taxable income by excluding the interest earned on qualified U.S. savings bonds from their annual tax calculations.

What Is Tax Form 8815 Used For

Here's a usage summary of the doc:

  • reporting the exclusion of interest income from eligible U.S. savings bonds;
  • potentially reducing taxable income by excluding interest earned on qualified savings bonds;
  • determining the eligibility of specific savings bond interest for exclusion from taxable income.

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How to Fill Out 8815 Form

Sorting out this file using PDFLiner is a convenient and efficient process. PDFLiner is one of the most useful tools available for editing file templates and e-signing, sharing, and storing them. With its vast template gallery, you can easily find the specific document template you need for your industry. 

Follow these 8 steps to fill out the four-pager using PDFLiner:

  1. Access PDFLiner, log in to your account, or create one if needed.
  2. Find the required tax file using the search feature.
  3. Open it in the PDFLiner editor to explore its structure.
  4. Provide accurate personal information, including name, address, and social security number.
  5. Enter interest income earned from eligible U.S. savings bonds in the appropriate sections.
  6. Calculate and enter the eligible amount of interest income to be excluded, following provided guidelines.
  7. Review all details for precision, ensuring correct calculations and completeness.
  8. E-sign the form using PDFLiner's e-signature feature if required.

Remember to adhere to the provided instructions and consult a tax specialist if needed. PDFLiner's comprehensive features and extensive template gallery make filling out the IRS form 8815 seamless and efficient.

How to File Federal Tax Form 8815

To submit the form correctly, complete and sign it accurately. Keep a copy for your records and attach any required supporting documentation. If filing a paper return, mail the form and attachments to the appropriate IRS address. For e-filing, utilize PDFLiner's features to finalize the process. Retain proof of submission, such as a certified mail receipt or digital confirmation, for reference.

Fillable online IRS Form 8815
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