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  • Form 8835
    Form 8835
  • Invoice Form
    What is Invoice Form? The invoice form provides information about the product that is being imported or exported. The document usually includes information about the destination, manufacturer, recipient and Harmonized system codes for these goods. What I need the Invoice Form for? The invoice form is used by persons or businesses transporting goods to other countries as a customs declaration. The declaration may be accompanied by a number of additional documents. Their need is determined in each case individually, depending on the type of products the company or person transports. Filling out Invoice Form To complete the Invoice Form, you have to state the name of the unit, their quantity, provide the description, unit price and amount. Organizations that work with Invoice Form The form is required by the destination inquiry.
  • Profit and Loss Statement
    What is the Profit and Loss Statement Form? Profit and Loss Statement Form is a federal form that is designed to provide full information about the total size of revenue and expenditures. This data allows calculating an individual’s net income after taxes. Filing in the Profit and Loss Statement Form, don’t forget to attach the balance sheet that enlists all owned and owed objects over a requested time period. What I need the Profit and Loss Statement Form for? Profit and Loss Statement Form: Can be used by lenders in order to modify terms of loans; Must be filed by individuals or sole contractors in order to make a summary of revenues, costs, and expenses over a requested period; Is usually requested for fiscal quarter or year. Unlike the Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Form, the standard Profit and Loss Statement Form can reflect a minimal period of financial 3 months. The borrower should agree on the submission frequency with the creditor. The form must be submitted accordingly to the agreement, but not more than once per 3 months. Filling out Profit and Loss Statement Form To fill out the Profit and Loss Statement Form, you have to provide comprehensive and accurate data, including the type of business and company official name. Then enter basic information about the company, including loan number, telephone number, etc. Next, provide gross income size before taxes, the full list of expenditures, and net income. The filled form must be signed by the borrower and forwarded to the creditor by mail, email, or another medium. Always check the provided information as submission of the form that contains false information may be regarded as a premeditated fraud. You can delay the form if you are not sure about its transparency.  Organizations that work with Profit and Loss Statement Form Creditor organizations.
  • Monthly Profit and Loss Statement
    What is the Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Form? Monthly Profit and Loss Statement is a federal form that is designed to compile information about the total expenditure and revenue of a party. Unlike other Profit and Loss forms, Monthly Profit and Loss Statement is focused on business-related expenses. The form is usually followed by a valid balance sheet with details about owned and owed funds, a cash flow statement that confirms changes in bills over time (for the monthly statement, it can be of no value).  What I need the Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Form for? Monthly Profit and Loss Statement: is usually filled by out by business owners who intends to provide a monthly financial profit and loss report to the party that is interested in processing this information; summarizes all expenditures, income, and costs of a company for a 30-day period; can be requested by any organization that legally needs this information for providing related services. Monthly Profit and Loss Statement form must be filled at the end of the month that has to be reported. Sign and file the form at the beginning of the following month. Filling out Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Form To fill the form correctly, you have to provide the sum of your business income, and business expenses with purpose explanations, such as postage and delivery, vehicle expenses, insurance expenses, office supplies costs, rental costs, credit and debit card fees, license fees, travel and entertainment costs, utility expenses, etc. When the form is completed, sign it and send it to the entity that requested it. Make sure that you have a copy of the signed form and keep it for emergency cases that may possibly occur. Organizations that work with Monthly Profit and Loss Statement Form Any interested federal or private party within the US.
  • Commercial Invoice
    What is Lynden Commercial Invoice? Lynden Commercial Invoice is a form that must be used by all businessmen or organizations that export products to other countries. It is a customs declaration and is necessary to fill out once you are involved in trading operations with foreign countries. The form is about the product that crosses the border, as well as its manufacturer, place, and recipient. What I need the Lynden Commercial Invoice for? You need Lynden Commercial Invoice for all the products your export to other countries; To signify the commercial operation; To calculate the transportation tariffs; To understand the commercial terms of international partners, including the cost in CIF; This form is used for the customs goods declaration. The Lynden Commercial Invoice form does not have a particular due date. It is valid during the transport period. You still need to keep this form even after the deal is over. Filling out Lynden Commercial Invoice All you have to do is to provide only true and checked information while you are filling out the Lynden Commercial Invoice Form. You have to be familiar with the goods you are shipping. You will need the information on: The name of the product; The real cost of the product; The country developer that exports the product; Signature and stamp of Customs employee that confirms that the form is legal and the data is correct. This commercial form must be attached to the goods. It travels with the products to their destination. After that, it may be kept by one of the sides of the trade. Organizations that work with Lynden Commercial Invoice United States Customs and Border Protection
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