Form 8995-A (Schedule A)


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What is Form 8995-A Schedule A?

The Form 8995-A is used for figuring your qualified business income (QBI) deduction. It consists of four schedules, and one of them is Schedule A. This document is provided for the defined service trades and businesses. 

What I need 8995-A Schedule A for?

  • If you’re an owner of the specified trade or business (you can find the requirements in the form instructions);
  • Your tax income exceeds $163,300 but is not more than $213,300 (or $326,600-426,600 if married filling jointly);
  • In case you’re not a patron of the horticultural or agricultural cooperative, there is no need to download Form 8995-A Schedule A.

How to fill out Form 8995-A Schedule A? 

The fillable Form 8995-A Schedule A consists of two parts. You can complete one of them depending on which business type you have. If you have more than three trades, you should include as much pdf Form 8995-A Schedules A as you need for free.

Part one is for other than Publicly Traded Partnerships (PTP). Here you should indicate the trade or business name and fill out other lines with the QBI income, etc. The A, B, C columns are for each of your businesses or trades to print. 

Part two blank includes information about the Publicly Traded Partnership. You should also fill in the business name and lines 15-24 that require the online data about your qualified PTP income, threshold, etc. 

Organizations that work with Form 8995-A Schedule A

Department of the Treasury — Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Fillable online Form 8995-A (Schedule A)
(4.9 / 5) 58 votes
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