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What Is 2021 Form 1099 DIV?

Form 1099-DIV is issued by banks, investment companies, and other financial institutions to investors who have received dividends and other distributions on their investments. It's important to note that if you've received over $10 in distributions, you should expect to receive this form from your financial institution. The information provided is necessary to report on your income tax return, and accuracy is crucial to avoid any potential discrepancies with the IRS.

Changes to note in the 2021 form 1099-DIV

Each tax year can bring updates and changes to tax forms that you should be aware of. When managing the 1099-DIV form 2021, ensure that you are using the most current version, reflecting any updates in tax laws or reporting requirements. Keeping abreast of changes helps to avoid filing errors and the potential for an audit or penalties for misreporting income.

How to Fill Out the Form 1099 DIV 2021

Filling out this Information return template accurately is a vital step in your tax preparation process. To get started, here are some form 1099 DIV instructions 2021:

  1. You will need the recipient's name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN), as well as the payer's name, address, identification number, and plan number.
  2. Next, complete Box 1a with Total Ordinary Dividends, the scheduled payments from a company to its shareholders.
  3. In Box 1b, report Qualified Dividends, which are ordinary dividends adhering to criteria that allow for taxation at lower capital gains rates.
  4. Use Box 2a to enter Total Capital Gains Distributions.
  5. Input Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain into Box 2b.
  6. Record Section 1202 Gain in Box 2c.
  7. Enter Collectibles (28%) Gain in Box 2d.
  8. Report Nondividend Distributions in Box 3.
  9. Indicate Federal Income Tax Withheld in Box 4.
  10. Provide Investment Expenses in Box 5.
  11. Document Foreign Tax Paid in Box 6.
  12. Note the Foreign Country or U.S. Possession in Box 7.
  13. Enter Cash Liquidation Distributions in Box 8.
  14. Report Noncash Liquidation Distributions in Box 9.
  15. List Exempt-Interest Dividends in Box 10.
  16. Detail Specified Private Activity Bond Interest Dividends in Box 11.
  17. Provide State Information in Box 12.
  18. State Tax Withheld goes in Box 13.
  19. Indicate the State Abbreviation in Box 14.
  20. Input the Payer's State ID Number in Box 15.
  21. Finally, report State Income Taxes Withheld in Box 16.

Please remember to put the information from each 1099-DIV form either on a Schedule B form or directly on Form 1040. Taxpayers are only sent the form if the dividends and/or distributions they receive exceed $10. Financial institutions must send the form to both the taxpayer and to the IRS.

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