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What is DD Form 293?

DD Form 293 is a form that is completed to review the category and reason for discharge from the United States Armed Forces. Members of the Armed Forces may be discharged from the military for several reasons. Among them are violation of the statute, retirement age, injuries, health problems, or violation of the law. You can download DD Form 293 right now to fill out the form and submit it to social service agencies. You can download the blank for free in high quality PDF format. 

What do I need the DD Form 293 for?

You will need a Fillable DD Form 293 in several instances: 

  • To change your military discharge category (for example, if you were discharged for misconduct);
  • Confirm your military discharge status with Social Security (e.g., for benefits and entitlements).

This form is also required for adoption or guardianship eligibility. You may also use this form if you have been convicted by a court-martial within the last 15 years. 

How to fill out DD Form 293? 

DD Form 293 Screenshot

You should know what a DD Form 293 is. This document contains a detailed description of the conditions for changing the category of separation from military service. There are 15 sections of the form to complete. You need to include your own contact information, military service information, date of separation, reason for separation and other conditions of military service. Next, you need to describe the reason why the special commission should review the conditions of discharge. For example, the applicant may indicate that he or she has changed his or her views and deserves to be corrected.

On the second and third page there is a detailed description of the conditions of the document. Read the information in the document to find out how to fill out DD Form 293. Use the free online version of the document or download it to print out.

Organizations that work with DD Form 293

  • U.S. Department of Defense
Fillable online DD Form 293
(4.5 / 5) 77 votes
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