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What is the DD Form 2703?

DD Form 2703 is a brochure issued by the Department of Defense. It contains the post-trial information for victims and witnesses of crime.

What I need the DD Form 2703 for?

  • To know your rights as a victim or a witness of a crime;
  • To learn the information on the convening authority action;
  • To acknowledge your notification rights as a victim or a witness of a crime;
  • To receive the instruction on how to exercise your rights;
  • To provide victims and witnesses of crime with the above mentioned information as a Department of Defense representative.

How to fill out the DD Form 2703?

The DD Form 2703 is filled by the representatives of the Department of Defense as it is a brochure given to the victims and witnesses of crime. The fillable DD Form 2703 consists of two pages: the first page is devoted to the introductory information and contacts, while the second page has detailed instructions on the rights of witnesses and victims of crime. The most information in the brochure is pre-filled and there are only contact sections left to fill out.

The victims and the witnesses shall be provided with the following contacts:

  • Service Central Repository;
  • Confinement Facility;
  • Service Clemency and Parole Board;
  • Other.

The form implies entering the names and the telephone numbers of the corresponding people.

Organizations that work with the DD Form 2703

Department of Defense

Fillable online DD Form 2703
(4.6 / 5) 85 votes
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