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What is a DD 1450 form?

DoD Space Requirements Data (the fillable DD Form 1450) is a form issued by the US Department of Defence (DoD). The form can be filed by a department or an agency of the US army to report particular space requirements for a unit. The form can be followed by DoD Directive 5305.2 if present and may include an unlimited number of pages. Don’t confuse it with DA Form 1450.

What I need the DD Form 1450 for?

  • You need to fill out this army form blank in order to report the necessary requirements for a particular unit or a group of units who/that belong to a certain department or agency (including subdivisions) of the US army;
  • The form is used to assess the current space utilization or to request the new space requirements;
  • Use it with the DoD Space Occupancy Guide for the National Capital Region (DoD Instruction 5305.3).

How to fill out DD Form 1450?

  1. Name the department/agency and subdivisions;
  2. Date the form and identify the filler and the approver;
  3. Fill all the boxes in columns b, d, and e in the Personnel section. The Indexes section is for OSD use only);
  4. Fill the boxes in columns b and c in the Space section;
  5. In the General section, state the unit’s current mission, provide the information from the Statement on Feasibility Relocation if available, and report any important additional factors that have to be considered for the identified unit.
  6. Consider the restrictions for each column to avoid including forbidden units, equipment.
  7. Consider reference square feet per item restrictions in the instructions.

To download DD Form 1450 in PDF for free, you can use our form library after you sign up. Our online editor also lets you fill out and print this and other forms without downloading. 

Organizations that work with DD Form 1450:

  • The US Department of Defence;
  • Executive Services Directorate.
Fillable online DD Form 1450
(4.9 / 5) 36 votes
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