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What is Community Service Volunteer Verification Form?

The community service verification form helps both non-profit organizations and the agency that works with volunteers to speed up the hiring procedure. Any volunteer who aims to help the specific organization can fill out this document on its own. The document can also be used by the organization that received the services of volunteers from a different agency.

In response, this organization has to provide a detailed description of the services that were received during the project from the volunteer. The agency that offered the help to the non-profit keeps the form to receive the credits and benefits for the help. It may also come in the form of positive feedback for the work. The student, who volunteered, can receive the official certificate or acknowledgment of the help that was provided.

The activity that was provided must be recorded in the document. This paper can be later used to prove that the student took part in the project. It can help to raise the scores in the educational establishment, for example.

Community Srvice Volunteer Form on PDFLiner

What I need the Community Service Volunteer Verification Form for?

  • An organization that asks for the help of volunteers needs to create this community service verification letter once the help was received. This way, they acknowledge that the volunteers of the specific agency took part in the project. It can be used once the project is finished and the non-profit has to go through the documentation, recording the work;
  • A student who took part in the project as a volunteer also needs the form. It may be used to prove that the project was created and the student provided the help. Positive feedback can be later sent to the school or university as the proof of student’s activities;
  • The agency that works with volunteers needs the document. This is the official record, and sometimes they can use a community service verification form for court to prove that the help was provided.

How to Fill Out Community Service Volunteer Verification Form?

There is nothing complicated about this form. Yet, if you want to fill out the document, it is better to find and read the sample community service verification letter template in the first place. There are lots of different variations of the form, as well as types of volunteer agencies and help you can receive from them.

The main condition is to be non-profit and to fill all the documents appropriately. If you want to quickly access the document, you can use PDFLiner online editor. It contains the tools you need for your work and an already-made template. Fill it out online and save it to your device. You can save the empty form and use it for different projects and volunteers. Once you fill out the form print it and hand it to the agency or send it via email. Here is what you need to include there:

  1. Provide information about the student who was a volunteer, and the agency with its name, address, and phone number. Name the site manager and briefly describe the tasks that were performed by this particular volunteer;
  2. Describe the work that was provided in a specific table. You have to include the name, activity, and hours that were spent on it. If you need more sections, you can add them using the tools that PDFLiner offers;
  3. Calculate the total amount of hours that were spent on the project;
  4. Indicate the starting date of work and the day when the student finished it;
  5. Put the signature of the site manager.

Community Srvice Volunteer Form on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Community Service Volunteer Verification Form

  • Any USA organization that works with volunteers.
Fillable online Community Service Volunteer Form
(5 / 5) 49 votes
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