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What is the blank Texas Sublease Agreement?

The fillable blank Texas Sublease Agreement is a document used to legally sublet real property in the state of Texas. It contains all the necessary information about the sublessor, the subtenant, the property, and the terms of the sublease.

What I need the blank Texas Sublease Agreement for?

  • To legally sublet property in the state of Texas.

How to fill out the blank Texas Sublease Agreement?

The printable blank Texas Sublease Agreement consists of two pages and 18 small sections to fill out, most of the form is filled out by the sublessor. The first two fields are devoted to the information about the sublessor and the subtenant. The third field covers the location and the number of premises, while the fourth section states the term of the sublease and the rent. Section five requires you to enter the date of termination of the agreement, while sections six and seven are pre-filled. Section 8 is devoted to the security deposit, which is complemented by section 9 that covers the inventory form provided to the subtenant. Section 12 is filled out with other details, while sections 10-11 and 13-17 are pre-filled. The last section requires both parties to enter the date of the agreement and leave their names and signatures. The landlord also has to sign the document at the bottom of the second page.

Organizations that work with the blank Texas Sublease Agreement

Landlords and tenants in the state of Texas.

Fillable online Texas Sublease Agreement
(4.7 / 5) 68 votes
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