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What Is a Staff Evaluation Form Template

A Staff Evaluation Form is a document that employers, managers, or HR pros utilize to evaluate the performance of employees. It comprises sections and criteria that help conclude a person’s professional skills, behavior patterns, and achievements. The document allows employers to decide effectively on their staff members’ promotions, training needs, and corrective actions. 

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When to Use Evaluation Form for Staff

Use the file for:

  • Performance Reviews. Conduct occasional assessments of employee performance.
  • Employee Feedback. Collect insights on your staff members’ strengths and weaknesses to form a constructive dialogue between managers and staff.
  • Promotion Consideration. Evaluate employees for potential career advancement within the organization.
  • Training and Development. Pinpoint areas where additional training or skill improvement is needed.
  • Corrective Action. Document and address performance issues and create a structured approach to improvement.

How to Fill Out Staff Evaluation Form PDF

Filling out the form is fairly easy, particularly if you opt for its high-quality template on PDFLiner and follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the template via PDFLiner’s editor.
  2. Start completing it.
  3. Indicate the employee's name, position, and department.
  4. Specify their job responsibilities.
  5. Rate them based on the following criteria: personal qualities, relationships with children, staff, and parents.
  6. Offer specific comments or examples to support the ratings and provide constructive feedback.
  7. Summarize the employee's strengths and single out areas for improvement.
  8. Sign and date the form. Have the employee do the same.
  9. Carefully review the filled-out file. Make sure it’s accurate and complete. Then save it for your records.

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Bonus Tips. When creating an employee evaluation report, be clear, open, and specific. Provide concrete examples of an employee's performance to support your claims. Incorporate a mix of positive feedback on strengths and areas for improvement to encourage growth. Include goals for the employee's future development. And remember to conduct evaluations regularly to track progress over time.

Employee Evaluation Report Example

If you’re looking for an employee evaluation report sample, find it in our library, and feel free to adjust it to your most specific needs. You can successfully fill out any niche-specific form by making the most of PDFLiner’s useful online document editing features and our experts’ tips. Our digital file management system is the answer to speeding up your no-longer-exhausting administrative affairs.

Fillable online Staff Evaluation Form
(5 / 5) 57 votes
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