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What Is Shot List Template?

The shot list template is a necessary attribute of every filmmaking procedure. Without this simple form, you will not be able to make the movie. You can use the template whether you are an amateur or professional filmmaker. This template is helpful in the first stage of movie making when you need to create the plan which you will follow.

Each shot has to be described and recorded. This way, you will not lose any shots you have originally kept in mind or planned but forgotten. From time to time, making too many shots can be frustrating, and at the end of the day, you can find out that some scenes are not complete. Moreover, you need a shot list template for film for your crew as well, so they can understand your vision of the scene and be on the same page with you.

There are numerous templates available online. PDFLine offers a universal blank shot list template that you may use on your device. Keep a record of the actors, crew responsible for the shot, timing, and description of the scene there.

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What I need the shot list template for?

  • You need to use a shot list template PDF if you are a professional filmmaker or an amateur. No matter the size of your film, whether you are working on a short-length project or a 2 hours picture, you still need to plan the scenes and shots. Each scene consists of the shots you have to plan in advance. Use the template as your step-by-step guide and keep a record of everything you need to film make the movie from your artistic vision;
  • If you work in the movie-making crew, you may need a shot list template download version from your employer or colleague who creates the vision of the whole picture. You have to know which shot follows the previous one and what to expect from the scene.

How to Fill Out Shot List Template?

The first thing you have to do is to find a shot list film template that suits your demands. Yet, the standard version works well for everyone, so you may not need to search for long. The most popular form usually consists of a comfortable table with sections big enough to provide descriptions for the shots. Such a template is available on PDFLiner.

The best thing about this editor is that it works online and opens online as well. Go to the form, read the description and smart guide, and open the form. You can fill it in using the tools on the upper panel. If you want, you can add the logo of your company to make sure that your templates are unique. Save the documents on your device once you fill them in. You may also send the copies to your crew and print them if you need them. Here is what must be in the form:

  1. Provide information on the project, scene, and page;
  2. Fill the table with the shot number, subject, and description;
  3. Share details about the angles and length of the shot;
  4. Sign the document if you want.

Organizations that work with shot list template

  • Filmmakers who work with the shot lists.


  • How to create a shot list?

    There is nothing complicated in creating the shot list. Think about the scene you want to recreate. Now you can use the already-made template and describe the shots one by one. The best thing about the PDFLiner editor is that if you want to change or delete shots you don’t like anymore, you can easily do it even if you have saved the original document. Create changes in a few simple steps there while you are connected to the Internet. You can add more shots, delete those that are there, or change the description and timing. The hardest thing about completing the template is the ability to express your thoughts.

Fillable online Shot List Template
(4.6 / 5) 43 votes
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