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Understanding the Seller Financing Addendum

A seller financing addendum is a crucial document that safeguards the interests of both the buyer and the seller in transactions where seller financing is used. This provision allows the seller to become the lender and helps the buyer who may fail to qualify for traditional bank loans.

Why it’s important to use the TREC seller financing addendum

In Texas, a large number of property sales are conducted using seller financing. Hence, the seller financing addendum in Texas plays a significant role in real estate transactions. Your legal and financial obligations are clarified in this document.

So, making use of this addendum permits the firm establishment of all terms of the agreement. This covers the payment schedule, the interest rate, provisions for foreclosure, loan balance, and more. More importantly, it helps prevent potential disputes in the future as the agreed-upon terms are put down in writing.

How to Fill Out Seller Financing Addendum Texas

Filling out a seller financing addendum Texas might seem daunting at first.  But with the following steps, it becomes a straightforward task:

  1. Begin by entering the details of the property. This includes the exact address of the property, including the city, state, and zip/postal code. 
  2. In the “Credit Documentation” section, provide the necessary information asked. This could include the loan amount, the interest rate, the loan term, and any other relevant information. 
  3. Next, move on to the "Buyer's Credit Approval" section. Here, disclose whether the buyer's credit has been approved or not, along with any other required details. 
  4. The next section is where you determine how the buyer will pay back the loan. Choose whether the payment will be made at maturity or at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly). Fill in the amount that the buyer needs to pay you in each installment – either including or excluding interest.
  5. In the "Deed of Trust" section, indicate whether the property transfer requires consent from other parties or not. Also, specify whether or not there is a need for escrow.
  6. For the "Tax and Insurance Escrow" part, choose whether an escrow account is necessary for insurance and tax payments. 
  7. Finish the form with the buyer's and seller's names. Under their names, both the buyer and seller should sign to make everything official and legally binding.

Double-check the filled-out form to ensure all your entries are accurate and complete. 

Texas seller financing addendum: When not to use it

While this financing addendum can prove to be useful in many situations, it is not always necessary or advisable to use it. Here are some instances when you might not want to consider using this form:

  • Traditional Financing: If a buyer plans on securing financing through a conventional method, like a mortgage from a bank or financial institution, there's no need for it. 
  • Cash Buyers: If you're dealing with a cash buyer, then seller financing, and thus this addendum, is unnecessary. Cash transactions don't involve loans or financing and are straightforward, without the need for additional financial agreements between buyer and seller.
  • Doubts about Buyer's Creditworthiness: If you have serious reservations about a buyer's ability to meet the payment schedule, you might not want to offer seller financing. In such cases, this form wouldn't be used. 
  • Risk Aversion: If, as a seller, you are not comfortable with the risks associated with seller financing (default on payment, protracted legal disputes, etc.), or the burdens of loan servicing, you should avoid using this method and thus the seller financing addendum.
Fillable online Seller Financing Addendum
(4.8 / 5) 108 votes
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