SBA Form 2202 - Schedule of Liabilities


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What is SBA Form 2202?

The SBA form 2202 is also known as the Schedule of Liabilities. The form contains information on the notes, mortgages, and accounts that are payable. The document was created and released by The US Small Business Administration and supported by the US Office of Disaster Recovery and Resilience. It was made as a response to the requirement from the taxpayer on the SBA Form 5, which is the Disaster Business Loan application. You can use this template to fill the SBA 2202 schedule of liabilities form whenever you need. The information you add there will be gathered and added to the balance sheet. It contains details on the liabilities you have to provide to the SBA form 5. The person who uses SBA form 2202 PDF fillable version has to specify the information on the creditor.

It is better to find out all the data you need in advance. You will add this template as an attachment to other documents if you want to receive compensation. You have to calculate the current balance and name it in SBA 2202 form as well. The document may be only 1 page long, but you have to be specific if you don’t want to receive a denial. You can ask the help on the official SBA website if you have problems with the SBA form 2202 fillable version.

SBA Form 2202 on PDFLiner

What I need the SBA Form 2202 for?

  • You need the 2202 SBA form in case you are filling SBA form 5 and you are planning to receive the loan after a disaster. Apart from the main template, you also need to fill out this schedule that specifies the liabilities. You have to provide enough information to the US Office of Disaster Recovery and Resilience, so you will not get declined. Lack of proof can lead to the refusal;

  • The US Office of Disaster Recovery and Resilience requires an SBA form 2202 printable from any taxpayer who wants to receive a loan in this specific situation. The document is widely used around the US. Officials take each template under careful consideration before they can make a decision.

How to fill out SBA Form 2202?

The whole form 2202 SBA PDF version is not that hard to fill. It is a page long and it does not require much effort from you. Apart from the knowledge of the creditor, you don’t have to learn anything specific. The form is available on the official website of the SBA. You will find brief instructions on how to fill out SBA form 2202 there as well. You may download the document to your device from the website. Yet, if you want to complete it online, you need an editor like PDFLiner that works with PDF documents and allows you to fill empty sections. Complete SBA form 2202 no liabilities and send it to the Small Business Administration. You can print the copy and send it by regular mail or just send the email. Here is what you need to include:

  1. Provide your name and the current date;

  2. Share the information on the creditor, including name, amount of money you’ve received, date, the balance you have, maturity date, security of the payment, amount of payment;

  3. Put your signature and title.

Organizations that work with SBA Form 2202

  • US Small Business Administration;

  • The US Office of Disaster Recovery and Resilience.

Fillable online SBA Form 2202 - Schedule of Liabilities
(4.5 / 5) 96 votes
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