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What is a Personal Information Form?

The personal information form is widely used in courts. This form was created by the Delaware County Court for the use of Delaware County residents. However, you may find similar templates for each state and county. If you want to request an excuse from being on the jury in court, you need to fill out the template. It does not mean that your application will be automatically approved.

You also have to fill out the standard jury questionnaire and send it with this template. The form is not released to other people and is used only by the court. The information in the template is kept unavailable to others, and you may consider it secured. The data you reveal will be available only to the representative of the court who makes decisions about the jury.

Once you fill in a personal information form template you have to wait for the decision of the court on whether you are excused or not. There are specific reasons for a person to be excused from the jury. If you don’t have enough reasons, your request can be denied.

Personal Information Form on PDFLiner

What I need the Personal Information Form for?

  • You need to use basic personal information form PDF in case you want to get excused from the jury and have enough arguments to prove your point. You can’t simply be excused because of your wish. You need to provide the evidence why the court can’t accept you as a candidate for the jury;
  • The court requires a new employee personal information form template from the potential candidate to the jury with the questionnaire attached to make sure that the person is not suitable for the role. The records are confidential and kept in the archives;
  • Patients with medical excuses for becoming the jury must use this form and ask the physician to sign the document.

How to Fill Out Personal Information Form?

This printable basic personal information form consists of 2 pages only. You will easily fill it. Take the form from the local court website if you need or just open it on the PDFLiner. This PDF editor works online; all you need to do is enter the form and fill in the empty sections you see. You also have to provide the questionnaire as an attachment to the document.

Pay attention to the fact that submission of the template does not reveal you from any duties you have. You still need to wait for the decision of the court. Here is what you need to fill in the document:

  1. Provide information about your name and address;
  2. Provide information on your email, mobile, and home phone;
  3. Write down the current date and put your signature;
  4. Write down the date that you are scheduled to serve and whether you served the duty of the jury during the last year;
  5. Describe the reason why you want to be excused from the jury service and add an attachment if you have a specific document that confirms your words;
  6. Provide information on your medical health if you have issues with it. Let your physician sign the document.

Organizations that work with Personal Information Form

  • Delaware County Court and Jury;
  • Jury Service.


Fillable online Personal Information Form
(4.7 / 5) 91 votes
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