Oklahoma Tax Power of Attorney (Form BT-129)

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What Is Oklahoma Tax Power of Attorney?

The Oklahoma Tax Power of Attorney, also known as Form BT-129, is a legal document that allows a taxpayer to appoint another person to represent them before the Oklahoma Tax Commission. This individual, often referred to as the agent or attorney-in-fact, is granted the power to perform tax-related tasks, such as obtaining confidential information and making decisions about the taxpayer’s account.

When would you need form BT 129?

There are multiple scenarios where utilizing Form BT 129 may be beneficial. For instance, if you're unable to personally deal with the Oklahoma Tax Commission due to health issues, a heavy workload, or if you're residing outside of the state or country, this form can help. Additionally, this form is advantageous for people seeking professional help with complex tax situations or who want to ensure their taxes are handled correctly without direct involvement.

How to Fill Out the Oklahoma Form BT-129

The process for filling out this Oklahoma form can be straightforward, provided you have the right information. Then you may follow these Oklahoma form BT 129 instructions:

  1. Begin by entering the taxpayer's full name and complete address in the designated field. Ensure you provide the precise name under which the taxpayer files their tax returns, alongside the current and accurate mailing address.
  2. Proceed to input the taxpayer's Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) depending on whether the taxpayer is an individual or a business entity. This number is crucial for identification purposes.
  3. Fill in the taxpayer's daytime telephone number where they can be readily contacted. Provide an active number to ensure seamless communication regarding tax matters.
  4. If relevant, enter any permit numbers associated with the taxpayer. These might pertain to specific business permits or licenses the taxpayer holds within the state of Oklahoma.
  5. Next, specify your chosen representative by writing their full name and mailing address. The representative is the individual or entity granted the authority to handle tax matters on behalf of the taxpayer.
  6. Provide contact details for the representative, including a daytime telephone number and a fax number if available. This ensures that the Oklahoma Tax Commission can communicate with the representative when necessary.
  7. If appointing more than one representative, repeat the previous two steps to fill in the information for the additional representative(s).
  8. Identify the specific tax matters for which the representative is authorized. You will need to state the type of tax, such as income or sales tax, along with the respective state tax number or a description of the tax document. Be as precise as possible to avoid any confusion about the scope of authorization.
  9. Indicate the particular year(s) or period(s) to which this power of attorney applies. If the matter involves estate tax, provide the deceased individual's date of death.
  10. The taxpayer must sign and date the form to validate it. The signature asserts the taxpayer's intention to grant the specified powers to the representative. If applicable, include the title or capacity in which the taxpayer is acting.
  11. If an individual other than the taxpayer is signing the form, such as a corporate officer or trustee, they must print their name and provide their title along with the date. This clarifies their authority to grant power of attorney for the taxpayer.
  12. Move to the Declaration of Representative section, where the representative must declare their authorization to act on behalf of the taxpayer. After checking the relevant box that describes their professional status (e.g., Attorney, CPA, Family Member), the representative must sign and date the form. This attestation is made under the penalties of perjury, signifying the seriousness of the representative's obligations.
  13. Lastly, if the representative has a title relevant to their position or authorization, they should include it next to their signature. This could be 'Attorney', 'CPA', or any other professional designation that confirms their capacity to act as a representative.

Securing assistance through PDFLiner

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