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What Is a Non Cash Charitable Contributions Worksheet?

A non cash charitable contributions worksheet is essentially a document where taxpayers record their donated items' fair market value. These items could range from furniture, clothing, or electronics to stocks or real estate. By correctly enumerating your noncash contributions, you can provide a valid paper trail for your tax return deductions.

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Preparing your non cash charitable contributions donations worksheet

Before you rush to fill out the form, there are a few vital steps you shouldn't ignore. Proper documentation of your donated items will make filling the worksheet much more manageable. Ensure to make a detailed list of the items donated, including the condition of each item at the time of donation. 

This is a necessary step, as the IRS requires that all donated items be in good condition or better to qualify for tax deductions. Also, get a receipt from the charitable organization acknowledging the donation.

How to Fill Out Non Cash Charitable Contribution Worksheet

Filling out the worksheet for non cash charitable contributions begins with particular sections that focus on personal details, donation details, and calculations for deductions:

  1. Start by identifying yourself as the taxpayer in the section labeled 'Taxpayer’s Name(s)'. Here, you need to fill in your full legal name. If you are filing jointly with a spouse, their name should also be written here.
  2. After that, specify the relevant tax year in the 'Insert Tax Year' field. This would be the year for which you are filing this deductions form.
  3. Proceed to identify the organization or entity to which you donated in the 'Entity to Whom Donated' field. Write the official name of the organization you've donated to.
  4. Insert the date you donated in the 'Insert Date Given' section. Ensure you format it correctly, usually in a month/day/year format.
  5. Now, you need to specify the categories or items you donated. Each line in the 'Category' and 'Items Names' fields should correspond to a particular category or item you donated. If you donated multiple different types of items, you can add more lines by clicking on the '+' symbol.
  6. In the 'Set Your Own Value' section, estimate the fair market value for each item you donated. If you donated multiple items in the same category, use the 'Quantity' column to state how many of each item you donated.
  7. Multiply your estimated value by the quantity of each item donated and record this number in 'My/Our Best Guess Of($)' field. This amount should reflect the total fair market value of each type of item you donate.
  8. Add up all the values you calculated for each item and input the number in the 'Total ($) section.
  9. Calculate the cumulative value of all your donated items and put this number in the 'Total of All Donated Items' field.
  10. Finally, fill in the 'What is your original cost based on receipts, or your best estimate, of the items donated?' field. This number indicates the original price you paid for all items donated based on either the receipts or your best estimate of their cost.

Avoiding missteps with your worksheet for non cash charitable contributions

Mistakes with a non-cash charitable contribution worksheet can lead to re-assessments, audits, or hefty fines. Unfortunately, many taxpayers undermine the importance of this document, leading them to misreport or overlook viable deductions. Ensure you've accurately valued your items and received adequate acknowledgment from your chosen charity.

Fillable online Non Cash Charitable Contributions (Donations) Worksheet
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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